Have You Met an Earth Angel?

Earth Angel

An Earth angel is known by different names such as a lightworker or a crystal child. Some are known as indigos or starseeds. The thing about an Earth angel is that they are here to make the world a better place and to bring positivity to the world.

The Earth angel is one that sees good in people, and they show others love, compassion and kindness. They want the world to heal. They have a hard time dealing with people that are angry or that are violent, and they want to set free those that are oppressed.

Some Earth angels are known to be powerful and gentle, and they are known by how kind they are to others. When they are around you, they make your personality shine.

Signs You Met an Earth Angel

There are some signs that you might see that can prove that you have met an actual Earth angel. Here are a few of them:

Deep Heart Feelings

Maybe you are in a place where you feel dark and sad. When you meet this person, they make you feel better instantly. They turn your darkness into light, and they make you feel whole and wanted.

This person might help you to grow and help you to shine your own light to the world. Whatever it is, they help you get through the hard stuff.

Spiritual Awakening

When you meet this person, you might be in situations that have been hard on you. At this time, you might feel stuck but when they come to you, you become inspired about who they are and what they bring. You instantly feel better and that your energy is stronger.

They might smile at you and make you feel that life is worth moving forward and make you feel loved.

Opening Up the Senses

This person might make you feel different in your heart and might suddenly let you have a clear and calm mind. They make you feel calm and collected where you have felt uneasy and stressed.

Being around this person can make you feel joy and make you see the good even in small things. They bring you joy and make you feel that you are strong.

Feeling Younger

An Earth angel can help to take away some of your age that comes with stress. This happens because they are able to lighten your mood and make you laugh. They make the world seem lighter.

The kindness that they show you makes you have a softer heart and allows you to open up to them and to have fun. They make you feel young again because they bring so much peace and joy.

Admitting it All

When you meet this person, you might just want to tell them all of your faults. They make you feel safe and that you can talk to them. They will listen to you, and they really do care.

Once you talk to them you are able to forgive yourself and others and move forward. You are able to get the support you need.

Healed and Whole

The Earth angel can help to heal you. They are there to make your darkness turn to light. They want to heal your heart wounds and the wounds in your spirit. You will feel better and more energetic around them in your mind, body and soul.

They might touch you and it makes you wonder why they have so much love. They will be soft, and their hug will take away all the pain that you have been feeling. If you need some kind of healing, you will feel it when they are around you.

They Accept You

Maybe you have never felt accepted, but you meet this person and all of a sudden you believe in unconditional love. The love and accept you for who you are, and they tell you its all going to be okay.

These people comfort you and they will give your energy back to you. They will bring light into your life, and they will not judge you. They will help you to accept yourself and others.

Final Words

If you have ever met an Earth angel, then you are lucky. Let them know how thankful that you are for them and how much you love them being a part of your life!