How to Practice Color Therapy

How to Practice Color Therapy

How to Practice Color TherapyColor therapy is a method of influencing people’s moods by exposing them to colors. Colors are vibrations that the eyes translate in certain ways. Emotions and thoughts emit vibrations, too. Color therapy influences your mood to help you achieve the equilibrium between emotional and mental needs.

Color therapy is a simple and effective way to help yourself feel better. But note that it can’t replace psychiatric treatment or psychotherapy for people who struggle with serious issues. Color therapy works best for people who are generally balanced and lead functional lives.

Once you understand the simple reasons why and how color therapy works, the methods are easy to apply on your own. You can use the techniques wherever and whenever you want.

Each one of us has room to grow when it comes to health, finances, emotions, social relationships, connections with friends and with family, our employment situation, and so on. Colors can boost confidence, energy, openness, calmness, peacefulness, and many other states of feeling and emotion. Let’s explore how color therapy works, and what each color can do.

Colors are everywhere. It’s not necessary to own or buy expensive items to introduce specific colors into your daily life. Everything emits a color, so color therapy is easy to practice because each item is a tool that we can use in therapy. All we need to do is become more aware and creative when it comes to incorporating certain colors into our daily lives. For example, you can choose a water bottle in a certain color, or add a scarf to your wardrobe of accessories.

How to Practice Color TherapyTo practice color therapy, all that’s really required is a color therapy list, like the one below. Once you memorize the characteristics of each color, the list won’t even be needed.

The Color Therapy List

  • Black is a good color to wear or to have around you when you’re doing inner work that you don’t want to share with other people. Black can protect the sensitive psyche from unhelpful comments and unwanted attention.
  • Brown is good for calming down, connecting with nature, grounding your physical body, and appearing approachable and friendly to others.
  • Red is potent for helping you feel your rights to exist, to occupy space, to genuinely be in the moment, and to feel like a welcome component of the world. Red is also associated with sexuality, but that connection tends to relate to the existence of sexual energy, rather than connecting with somebody.
  • Pink helps soften spontaneous emotional defense mechanisms. This helps you to connect with other people more easily using kind words, gentle touch, friendly eye contact, and other overall tender methods of engagement. Pink will help you open up your heart to other people.
  • Orange can help you feel more energized, to make you sexually jollier, freer and happier, and to openly socialize with other people with more zest. Orange can help you stop judging yourself and quiets opposing, negative self-talk.
  • Yellow is a beautiful color for establishing stronger, more solid boundaries, while still allowing friendly influences through. Yellow helps you to individualize, to tap into your soul’s purpose, and to set goals while remaining connected with the greater whole.
  • Green is a visually soothing color that also calms emotions. Healers often wear green for its ability to attract healing energy and to give psyches a warm, energetic, encouraging embrace. Green creates a loving balance between give and take. It helps people shamelessly reach out to each other for help, and also to help others without appearing patronizing.
  • Blue is perfect for creating genuine self-expression. It’s a calming color that helps people be themselves without eliciting negative reactions from other people. Blue gives people the energy and space to be who they are, and helps other people understand that who they are is all about them, rather than a statement about others.
  • Turquoise is similar to blue in that it’s all about self-expression. But turquoise is more fine-tuned and specific. Turquoise helps people express themselves through their job, career, or vocation by helping us find personal meaning through our work.
  • Purple is a highly spiritual color. It helps people feel more connected to the spiritual realm, including beings like angels and deceased loved ones. Therefore, purple is a good color to incorporate when you give or receive psychic readings, meditate, or sleep. Purple helps our dream connect more strongly to our optimum spiritual good.
  • White encompasses the complete color spectrum, so it includes all the characteristics of each color listed above. White also creates purity of intent and thought, and can help us find clarity and peace in life.

Finding Your Color

Are you unsure about which color is the right one for you? Most people feel inexplicably drawn to certain colors, sometimes quite strongly. If this describes you, rest assured; it’s not due to random coincidence. You feel drawn to the color for a specific reason. Follow your instincts, and incorporate more of that color in your life. Buy new clothes, paint your walls, acquire new accessories, create new paintings, or make changes to your digital world by changing your computer desktop or your tablet or smartphone wallpaper.

If you aren’t particularly drawn to a specific color, a psychic who specializes in color therapy and aura colors can help. Many psychics offer distance readings, so you won’t even have to drive or spend excess time to find somebody to help you. There are even experienced, top-rated online psychics who specialize in colors and color therapy.

Color therapy is a simple and affordable way to make positive adjustments to your daily mood. It’s practical, non-invasive, and very gentle. Even if you’re traveling far away from home, you can still benefit from it. Colors are everywhere. So simple acts like looking up at the sky when you need more blue, or walking in a park or a forest when you need more green, can help. Good luck, and enjoy your colorful new journey!