Increasing Energy Boundaries

Increasing Energy Boundaries

Do you feel that you are losing your energy? Energy is a boundary that you have in your body, mind, and soul and with the spirit world. There is an invisible covering around you that is full of energy and this is your aura. This aura changes when you come in contact with people.

People are sometimes aware of their energy field and the energy field of other people, but sometimes they aren’t.

When you choose to enter the energy field of someone else, you can even pick up on their feelings or thoughts or smell their perfume or cologne.

Our world is a place where things seem to be overcrowded and this is full of energy that will mix with other peoples.

When someone has an aura, it can influence the people around them and if they are emotionally upset or thinking negatively, this can tangle with your aura.

Sharing energy is a common thing in relationships such as friends or family or even romantic relationships. People want to share this energy so that they can bond and build the relationship stronger.

Energy is a way that you can bond with others and you are born with your own energy. You even have your own soul color and your birth chart that allows you to connect with others and your own aura.

The energy field that you are in will help you to know who you are and to see the energy of other people. You might even see that your life is filled with different colors and this can be energy healing that is different in your life.

If someone has an aura that is full of negativity, the energy will come to you and you will see that this does not belong to you but to someone else.

Sometimes this energy will come to you when someone gets close to you such as when you are shopping or when you are at work.

Most of us have our own boundaries and sometimes the boundaries are ignored, and people don’t even realize it.

When someone has a lot of energy form others, these things can happen:

  • They become irritated and feel that they are being bombarded or taken over.
  • They have energy of someone else that makes them act differently.

When you want to stop this, you have to make sure that your boundaries are strong. You will always pick up the energy from others and this can make you feel uncomfortable or even angry, but you can set your boundaries stronger, so this happens less.

This will allow you to feel freer and to relax more. Having strong spiritual boundaries can make you feel happy and can help others around you to feel better.

You want to reach your highest being and when you can learn from others and have good relationships, you can do so while your energy is strong.

You can learn to feel better and to have energy that is strong inside of you.


Make sure that you are monitoring your time on your computer and your phone. You have energy and when you align your energy to these things, it can cause you to see things and to feel things that are negative.

These energies will come into your aura and when you put boundaries on your electronic time, it can allow you to recharge and to be fresh after all of the energy flows.

Give yourself an hour off of your computer after using it so that you can build your energy back up.

Open Messages

Do not open your messages unless you can reply to them. This allows your energy to stay strong and does not link you to the emails that you are not answering.

Doing this gives you time to recharge and to have a chance to take a break. When you open a message and don’t reply, it causes you to use up your energy in your spiritual being.

If you have letters and texts that you cannot respond to at the time, disconnect from them for a while and then come back to it.

Get away from mailing lists and get rid of unwanted messages to feel happy.

White and Golden Energy

Allow your body to be filled with white and golden light. This can help to heal you and to keep you strong. You can do this by meditating and allowing your energy field to have boundaries.

You can do this by imaging golden light or white light filling your whole body. Watch it wrap you and fill you until the light is flowing out of you.

Use your mind to do this and you will feel healed and strong. You can absorb the energies when someone is being negative, but your light will buffer this and will stop the negativity from coming to you.

Focus on You

You have to take time to focus on yourself. When you are focusing too much on everything else around you, you are not giving yourself energy to be better. You have to let other people use their spirit guides to help them and learn to take care of your own self some.

It is common to want to help others, but you have to take time to focus on your own health and energy. You have to set spiritual boundaries because when you are allowing everyone’s energy to come to you will see that you cannot help everyone.

Learn to channel energy and to step into power instead of always giving your energy away.

This can help you to be better in your mind and body and when you think about entering someone else’s energy field, know what you are risking by doing this.

Learn to ask yourself what you should do and to stay in the present moment. Practice this in your life and learn to meditate to keep your spirit strong.


If you feel frustrated with others, chances are that you have let negative energy come into your life. You can use some of your own energy and when you wake up feeling angry or sad, you need to learn to protect your energy better.

These are signs that you are having energy that is someone else’s and that you need to clear your energy. You need to learn to forgive others and you need to get rid of negative energy that is becoming stagnant in your life.

This will help to improve your self-being and to make you feel better. Set boundaries and it can help you to:

  • Feel refreshed.
  • Feel joyous.
  • Feel free.
  • Have a good sense of humor.
  • Partake in activities that you love.
  • Reflect on your higher self.
  • Become well.
  • Feel more about who you are.

You can only help others when you are at your best. Learn to find your purpose and to manifest goodness in your life. Having energetic boundaries is a good thing and they work. Do this so that you can shift from negative to positive in just a few tries.