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Knowing When Spells Are Being Used

Knowing When Spells Are Being UsedMany people question if they are cursed and they question if witchcraft is even real.  Most people either think witches are not real while others will tell you that they will get rid of your spell if you pay them good amounts of money.

When a witch believes something to be true, the magic they use gives them influence over the universe.  They will have powers to affect the state of being of others through their magic and then they will have powers to make things happen.

Many people want to know about magic spells and how you can counter them.  It is a good question and not one that has an easy answer.  Psychics can give you an idea about magic and if it is present in your life or not and the best way to do that is to look at what is happening in your life.

Most of the time when people think they are cursed, they really aren’t and the reason is because magic is hard and spells are hard to put on people, you have free will that is powerful and no one really wants to take time to curse you.

This isn’t always the fact and if you feel that someone is putting a curse on you then you need to know about it.

Friends or Enemies

In some different age groups and social classes, there are more witches than in other places.  Some have a social circle that after time will involve doing spells.  This is not a big deal and you just accept it as part of who you are.  You might want to curse someone that talked bad about you or someone that made fun of you.

Remember, just because someone claims to be a witch, doesn’t mean they really are one.  They probably don’t have the skills or the influence to negatively affect your life.  Also, witches who are good at curses usually know better than to use them.

Bad Luck

If you find that you have a lot of bad luck and you feel that you are being cursed, this can be just having a bad day.  It is different if you are having all kinds of bad days in a row and when nothing ever goes your way then it can be hard and frustrating.  There are uncrossing rituals that you can use to get rid of your bad luck and get you feeling better about your life.

Bad luck is not a sign that you have been cursed, it could just be a moment of bad fortune.  It could be a group of things that happen out of your control and cause you to be miserable.  You may even be hurting yourself and not knowing it.


Magic that is accompanied by bad luck can be hard to notice.  If you have regular bad luck, this can be normal but if you have omens, you might get clues that there is a spell on you and where it comes from.

You might feel that the witch is a coward and they might be able to curse you without you knowing it, since nothing is secret to the universe.  You can see clues that will come to the surface and you might feel that you are cursed, and it isn’t just bad luck.

Missing Stuff

If you find that your personal stuff is missing, this could be negative spells that were put on you as the purpose to upset you.  Missing pictures or jewelry are both parts of curses and some spells use these to fight their enemy.  The spell caster needs to make sure that the curse is at the target and a witch might use these items to target you.

If you find someone trying to take your stuff without asking, figure out what they want with your stuff and why they are there.  Some people don’t want to have their picture taken and won’t leave their hair laying around because they are afraid someone will put a curse on them.

When you have enemies in your life, if something is missing, you might want to get worried.


Hanging around someone that does witchcraft all the time can be a way that you might get a curse.  Some work their magic on others by taking away your energy and making you feel bad about yourself.  They are energy workers and work to take your joy and happiness.  Many of them get jobs as salespeople or other careers where they can interact with you and take your energies.

Some people that are sensitive in the spirit can really be affected by these types of people.  They will interact with you and make you feel that you are part of a spell.  Unless they are a manipulator or really good, they will not be able to really target you.


You need to be careful because when someone has a vision it does not mean that they are under a spell.  They can have mental visions because they are sensitive to the energies and that could be the only reason.

When negative magic is used, it can leave you feeling bad and physically drained and this can be an attack.


The most obvious is when you feel that someone’s energy is around you.  You might feel this energy and feel that it is watching you.  You might know who is responsible for these thoughts and feelings that you are having and you might feel like they are taking over your mind.

There are different ways that people can leave their magic on you but they will work in ways that seem sneaky.  They will do this by using your energy source and scanning your body to see if they can attach to your energies.


Negative magic is very rare and is something that not many people really have to deal with.  Before you get afraid or angry and think someone has cursed you, ask yourself if you really have an enemy that would be able to do that.  Get all the information that you can without scaring yourself.

If you feel that you really are cursed, use your energy to get your power back.  Put protection on your life and figure out a way to reverse the spell.  Each spell has different results so make sure that you know what you are doing before you choose to retaliate.  Using magic can have negative effects on the person using it and the receiver.

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