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Lessons from the Afterlife

Lessons from the Afterlife

Some people can feel the energies and see auras of others.  They have these giftings and experiences and some people are mediums.  A medium is someone that can communicate with the spirit world.


When someone is around you and you have the gift of being a medium, chances are that you can feel the aura of someone and see it.  The aura is making up of electromagnetic frequencies and it can be seen to those that are gifted.

People that get vibes from others are somehow picking up the frequencies of others.


Everyone is intuitive and this means that you have a sense or a gut feeling of things happening around you.  Intuition is not really discovered yet, but many believe it is a sixth sense.


Having psychic protection is important and can protect you from bad things happening to you from negative energies.  You have to protect yourself each day and you can do this through meditation.


Someone that dies does not always go into the spirit world.  There is no real reason for this, and it can be based on fear or other things.  Most know that they have died and most have positive energies and are not scary.

New Perspective

When someone dies, they see the world in a different way.  Each lifetime is a different plane and they are working towards enlightenment.  When someone goes to the other side, they work towards this enlightenment and can review their earthly life.


Not all psychics are going to be perfect and right all the time.

Loved One

When your loved one dies, they might stop in to say high because they love you.  They are experiencing new things and can see the world that you live in.  Look for signs that they are with you.


If you do not believe that you can see a higher power, then you will not be able to embrace the idea of a loved one visiting you form the day.


A psychic will be able to sense things about the future and have insights of things.  They can tell what is happening sometimes, but the person also has to do their own part.


Even though someone is psychic, it does not mean that everyone experiences the same things.  Pay attention to the world around you and see how your gifts work with the universe.

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