Reaching Your Higher Self Each Day

Reaching Your Higher Self Each Day

If you are looking to make progress in your spirituality, then you need to learn to practice and do different techniques to help you to know what to do.

There will be challenges that you have to face in your life and when you look at your world with a deeper possibility of what might happen, you will see that you can keep your spiritual life and your regular life in a different perspective.

There are ways that you can become more spiritual by practicing reaching your higher self and my trying to live a happier life:

Be Mindful

Mindfulness can help you to improve your life and to relax more and to have a better attitude and better thoughts. You can improve your focus and learn to enjoy your life just by meditating for a few minutes each day.

Give yourself time to be calm and to keep your mindset positive. Here are ways that you can meditate:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Notice how your body is feeling.
  • Concentrate on your breathing.
  • Make your whole body relax.
  • Do this until you let go of things that are holding you back.

As you end your meditation, rest, and look at what is going on in your life now. Be mindful and let your higher self-reach out every day to make you feel better.

Notice Your Body

Look at your body and let your mind concentrate on what you are doing with your body. Are you spending all of your time online and doing things to the point where you are tired and where you feel stiff? This can lead to pain and other things, and you may even be ignoring what your body is telling you.

Accessing your higher being means that you are being more aware of how your body feels. It means that you can pay attention to what you are doing and that you can do mental exercises and meditation to let your body feel rested when you need to.

When you change your attention to things around you, you can learn to disconnect and to experience things at a deeper level:

  • Pay attention to what your body is feeling. Are you cold or are you warm? Are you breathing deeply? Are your hips moving or do you feel sensations in your body?
  • Do a body scan by paying attention to what you feel from head to feet.
  • Do some kind of movement like yoga or move in different ways to make your body feel good.


Look at what kind of intentions that you have.  Set your mindset in a way to be productive. Be creative and allow your mind to change.

Once you have reached your mental work and completed it, you need to be thankful for what you have accomplished in your day.

Intuition will help you to have deep moments and to understand the different experiences that you go through in your life. It can help you to learn to trust yourself and to find the knowledge that you need to move forward.

Connecting with your intuition will help you to experience new things in your life and will help you to be guided in a safe way. You can even find things that are missing by using your intuition. Enjoy the power that intuition gives you.

Head to Heart Energy

Change your energy form your head to your heart and get rid of thinking and stress that upsets you. The world is made up of energies and they are natural. When you work with your higher self, you will be able to get rid of energies that you don’t need.

Some people practice getting rid of energies that no longer serve them by doing breathing work and rituals. There are ways that you can notice the energy and that you can take charge of it:

  • Learn to center yourself and to pay attention to your breathing and your movement in your body.
  • Pay attention to what you are thinking and do not judge yourself or others.
  • Move your heart and mind to be more aware and center your heart.
  • Rest and pay attention to the feelings that your heart is giving you.
  • See if you feel that your energy is more balanced.

Heart Connection

One of the biggest parts of your journey is to connect with your heart and to make sure that you can take your energies and your life and work them out in a positive way.

There are different things that you might resist because your heart is closed but if you have an open heart and you shut down your negative feelings, you can face challenges that come to you each day.

You need to strengthen your heart and you need to work through emotions that are hard and that are upsetting to you. Strengthen your heart and do not let the feelings that you encounter leave you hurt. Give yourself a few minutes to rest and relax when you feel that your energy is becoming negative and then let it go.

Take time to be quiet and put your hand on your heart and let negative things go out of your life. Doing this will give you an overall wellbeing.


People need to go outside and spend time in nature. We spend too much time inside doing our jobs and working on our houses. Connecting with nature can change your energy.

Step away from the screen for a while and change your perspective. Be gentle and let nature flow through you.

Many religions like to go out in nature when the Wheel of the Year is there. They go out depending on the light and how the seasons change.

When you get closer in the natural world, you will notice how the moon changes and you will learn to eat in a seasonal way and learn to reach your higher self.


Reaching your higher self will help you to realize who you are. You will see that you are getting information that the universe gives you and this means that you are able to hear or see things and different expressions of the world.

There is a practice that allows you to be more open and can help you to be supported to reach your higher being. There are different forms that you feel and do to be more enlightened.

  • Be creative and use it when you are feeling down. Draw, write or whatever is creative.
  • Keep a journal close to you so that you can draw when you need to and write notes of your drawings.
  • Find new music that you like and see how it communicates with your spirit.
  • Look at art and design new things.
  • Make your space exciting with crystals or with plants.

Doing these small things can help you to have a life that is deeper and richer. It can help you to connect with yourself and others and to experience things in your life that can move you in your day-to-day actions.

Whatever connections you experience, you can practice them and make your world a better place to live in.