Separation Sickness from Your Twin Flame

Separation Sickness

Being separated from your twin flame can even lead people to have physical sicknesses such as being tired, illnesses and having apathetic feelings. This is not something that is fun for either twin flame, but physical symptoms can make it even harder to move past a twin flame separation.

If you are having a hard time in your twin flame journey, then you have come to understand that twin flame unions are not always easy, and they can be powerful and hard. They can be painful and lead you down a road where you are confused and where you face conflict.

Twin Flame Separation Sickness

When you separate from your twin flame you will see that your spiritual growth is important and that you are changing and always growing. The connection will always be there but even when twin flames distance themselves this means they are suffering because of the lack of communication.

This happens when both flames live in different places and have different lives. This can be in a different country or even a different city or it can be someone that is married or in a different relationship and you have to learn to accept things that the universe gives you.

Twin flames are always changing and growing, and they have to deal with things in life such as tests and other paths that force them to change energies. This can allow the twin flame to reach their higher being.

It can take many different lifetimes for people to reach their higher stage in life and to raise their vibrations to a point where they will meet again.

Twin flames are able to manifest what is called a third energy and this means that they are able to know unconditional love in their entire being.

Most twin flames have a hard time overcoming the suffering that happens through separation and both twin flames must seek the union to come back together if they ever want the separation to end.

Reasons for Separation

  • They are immature in their emotions, and this can cause fear and not prepare them to handle the separation or the changes.
  • One flame doesn’t feel that they are able to face reality and they have an ego problem.
  • Things become hard for the twin flames, and they feel that they are being pressured and this is putting too many demands on the relationship.
  • The twin flames have to change in order to make the relationship stronger and this can be confusing and cause pain and disappointments.
  • The twin flames are not willing to look deeply in their lives and they blame each other for what is going on.
  • They are not accepting of each other, and they thought that their relationship would be different.
  • If one flame is in a different relationship, then you are spiritually connected but it can cause the self-esteem to be lessened because they cannot be physically together.
  • The distance apart is causing separation sickness and it is intense and full of loneliness and pain.
  • Dreams are not able to be met because there is constant sadness and a lack of emotional control.
  • They cannot overcome giving into the shadow self and this is causing separation and it appears to last a long time.

The twin flame relationship is not just a relationship that you can end because it is something that is a divine situation. This is why twin flame separation can cause sickness based on how they live.

The relationship of the two people is when their own souls are at the same time, and they have the love that they need, and it can never be destroyed.

The twin flame union is seven bodies and the conflicts of separation have to be united because the emotional body will feel the pain of the separation, and this is intense especially if one flame is going through an awakening.

The twin flame separation is painful for everyone and even though the destiny is written in the stars, that they will be together for eternity, the time that they have to live apart is hard and painful along the way.