Signs He’s Probably Playing You

Probably Playing You

Have you ever been on a date and then you felt like you were being played? Chances are this happens because you might not know what to look for. You can know if a guy is playing you by looking at red flags that he might be showing you.

Once you allow him to play you, he will keep doing things and you will never get the relationship that you want. This can happen to single men that want to make a man change because they want to be in a relationship with him. This is not real and once a man shows you that he isn’t on the same page as you for a relationship, you need to take that as your answer.

You need to always make a man treat you the way that you deserve and this means that you will put up boundaries. A man that wants to have a good relationship will do whatever it takes to win you over. They will be kind, loving and treat you good and on top of that, they will do what it takes to impress you.

If you are with a man that doesn’t do those things for you, then you need to let him go. There is a chances that if you don’t you will end up hurt and embarrassed.

Signs He is Playing You

Here are some signs that your date might be playing you:

He Says He Doesn’t Want in a Relationship

When you go out with someone, you are looking to see if they match you and if they have the qualities, you are looking for. If he goes out with you though and tells you he doesn’t want to be in a relationship then you need to decide right then to end it.

A guy that tells you he doesn’t want to be in a relationship isn’t lying to you and you need to accept it and move on.

Flirts But Doesn’t Ask You on a Date

A man that flirts with you but doesn’t ask you to go on a date is probably not really interested in you. There is probably something that is holding him back if he isn’t asking you out.

When He Says He Has Never Been in Love with Someone

When a guy has never been in love with someone then chances are that he hasn’t ever allowed himself to be vulnerable. You might think he just hasn’t met the right person but if he is over 40 and he hasn’t been in love then he doesn’t want to be in love.

Texts But Doesn’t See You

Men love to text sometimes, and they do this to keep women on a string. If he texts you often but he doesn’t take time to see you then chances are that he isn’t into you. He is probably trying to boost his ego and is probably texting multiple women.

Stop wasting your time on him even if you enjoy texting him. He probably isn’t into you.

Recently Divorced and Just Looking

This can be a red flag because if a guy isn’t dating to be serious then what does he really want? If he is just looking then chances are that he will want something that isn’t serious. You might think that he would be worth your time but by taking a chance on him you are chancing getting your heart broken.

Comes Over but Never Takes You Out

Does your new guy always want to come over and bring food but never wants to take you out? Even if this sounds fun, chances are that it could be that he just wants to have a booty call.

He will come over but never take you out because he might be dating someone else and not want them to see you out together.

Don’t continue having dates at your home until he takes you out into the public and responds to you in a serious way. Make him take time to pursue you and not the other way around.

You Set Times and Dates

When you call this guy and ask him if he wants to do something with you, chances are that he will say yes but he never takes the time to invite you out. He could be someone that is lazy or has no motivation or he could just do things with you because he is bored. Maybe he wants to be with someone that will do all the work.

If this guy doesn’t ask you out and take time to set times and dates, get rid of him and find you a new guy.