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Silver Auras: The Gifted Ones

Everyone has an aura, a light that emanates from within. The light is colored according to your personality and can reveal interesting things about you. Across the full spectrum of color, people with a silver aura are special.

A silver aura indicates that a person is gifted in some way. They may be exceptionally attractive, or possess great psychic potential. A silver person might be extremely intuitive. However, these gifts have one drawback. The silver person needs to exercise these gifts frequently, or they will dissipate. The silver aura is not really the key to a prosperous life, but it is definitely a good chance at one. This is often attributed to a boost from the powers that be. Spirits are offering guidance to people with silver auras, and they may use that guidance as they choose.

The Silver Personality

Silver people tend to be incredibly sensitive. This sensitivity helps them feel their way through life. It guides them to make decisions based on the consequences of their actions, because they will feel them especially hard. Despite their gifts, silver auras are actually very down to earth. This combination makes them insightful and able to convey that message to others. Silver people make great teachers and counselors. They also excel in leadership roles.

A silver aura also makes people incredibly perceptive. They can sense when somebody around them has bad intentions. They have a natural inclination to avoid conflict, and will actively retreat when they sense that negativity approaching. Being silver also creates a strong desire to achieve, so these people are drawn to pursuits like graduate school and other promotional opportunities. But, being down to earth, they are humble and therefore not the type to flaunt these achievements.

Relationships with a Silver

They say you are the sum total of the people you surround yourself with. A silver aura takes this concept to heart, and is very picky about who they welcome to their inner circle. You may recognize this as very introverted behavior. But if you are welcomed to the party, you’ll find them to be friendly people. As we mentioned before, they will avoid negativity. People with no scruples or a negative outlook need not apply. Silvers are loyal friends, and so they can’t be bothered with relationships that will do more harm than good. One thing is certain. A silver aura will be one of the most supportive friends you can have.

Romantically, silver people are difficult to access but incredibly rewarding. Their devotion is unmatched and comes first in every decision they make. They demand the same level of devotion in return, so don’t approach them lightly. Loved ones are more important than success and achievement by far. These types make loving, involved parents. They are patient and live life slowly.

The Silver Aura at Work

As an employee, silver auras give their all. Not necessarily out of a dedication to the job, but mostly out of a desire to always operate at their absolute best. They do not believe in underperforming, and consider it incredibly wasteful to not use maximum effort. As we’ve already mentioned, they do not like confrontation, so roles where they have to serve as a disciplinarian to others may not suit the silver very well. At the same time, they are very wise, and seek to spread their knowledge to others. This oftens lands them in supervisory or mentorship-type professions. Because they are good at whatever career they pursue, they will usually be very well paid; but the paycheck is generally not a motivating factor for the careers they choose. Silver auras avoid workplace drama and slackers like the plague.

Gifted people have natural skills that they will often use to support others. Despite these innate gifts, they do still have shortcomings; but they tend to be more consciously aware of this than most people. If they’re bad at math, they know it. And they will not hide it. Instead they will lean on their other exceptional skills. Gifted people make great friends, partners, and colleagues. Hold silver auras in high esteem and they will do the same for you.

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