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Talking to Your Spirit Guides

Talking to Your Spirit Guides

Everyone is born with spirit guides, but many people call them guardian angels or spirits. Many people know that they have these spirits even when they are children and others began connecting with their spirit guides later in life.

People that are not able to hear their guides more than likely are not open minded and they refuse to accept that they have spirit guides. It is completely up to you as an individual to decide if you want to talk to your guides or if you want to act like they do not exist. If you choose to talk to them, you can find that it is easy to make a connection with them. You also will see that if you start not believing, this can stop you from being able to talk to them.

Here are some things you can do to talk to your spirit guides:


One of the first things you can do to talk to your spirit guides is to let go of any fear or negativity that is in your life. When you have these things, it might be hard to talk to them. Always know that your guide is there but they will not push themselves on you. When you are ready to open up your heart and let your guides talk to you, they might decide to send you messages such as images, signs or even talk to you.


You can talk to your spirit guides at any time of the day but if you really want to connect with them, it is important that you make your environment inviting to them. Do something different like put out crystals or light candles, you can also burn incense. Do this so that your area can be calm and peaceful, and you can begin communicating with your guides.

Meeting Them

You will always and have always had spirit guides. They are there to tell you good things to do with your life and can help you to make better decisions. Meditating is not a way just to connect with hem but you can meditate to keep building your relationship so it can be strong.

Do not expect your spirit guide to always talk to you in a human voice, you might get different signs as your relationship grows stronger. Once you hear them, keep talking to them to build the relationship.


Guides can talk to you in any different ways. It is important to pay attention to them communicating with you and it gets easier each time you talk to them. At first, you need to always pay attention to different things your body feels and write down these feelings in your journal.

At first, you may not understand the message that your guides are giving you but maybe in a week or so you can meditate and figure out what they were trying to tell you. Once you write everything down, you can remember to go back and see what messages they revealed to you.


One of the best ways you can connect with your guides is through your dreams. Guides will give you messages in your dreams and when you wake up, write down your dreams so if they are confusing you can decipher them.

Don’t Wait

Do not wait to talk to your guides. They are powerful and they have a message for you. Your guides will be with you anytime you want them to be with you and the more you talk to them the more you will see that they are part of your life.

Remember that your guides are here to help you and protect you, but they want you to ask them for help. They want to feel needed. When you ask your guides for help, ask them to show you a sign that they are there for you.


Your spirit guides love and care for you but regardless of that, anytime someone does something for you, you should be thankful to them. Thank your guides for what they are doing and what they have done for you. Notice that they are there for you and they do not leave you.

Include a thank you saying when you meditate. Your guides are not there just when you need help, they are there for you at all times. This means that no matter how big or bad your situation is, your guides are there to help you.

Let your relationship grow stronger and learn to be happy and to know what your guides want to show you. Your guides will help you find your desires and help to fulfill them. The more time you give them the more they will want to communicate with you.

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