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The Angels Among Us

Have you ever met an angel? Not a glowing, floating deity, but a real life coincidental encounter? The sort of encounter that seems like serendipity with a person who apparently only appeared in your life to help you in a time of dire need.

I remember a TV show about encounters like these called Touched by an Angel. It was a popular show in the 90s where two angels went around helping people with deep needs and sometimes dwindling faith. It is hard to see the light in the middle of your own crisis, but they always managed to lift people up into a better place.

The idea that angels sometimes get assigned to help us is not very far from the truth. If you reflect on your own life right now, you will probably remember at least one instance where a stranger or friend seemed to say or do just what you needed at the perfect moment, without you asking for the help. When you help a little old lady across the street, and in return she gives you money to say thank you, not knowing that you were a week away from payday and already broke with no groceries to feed yourself. When a stranger says, “Love heals. It’s not supposed to hurt.”, not knowing that you’ve been struggling trying to find the courage to leave your abusive lover. These are examples of angels appearing in your life.

The term “angel” generally means messenger of God, but angels are not limited to the Christian religion. Judaism and Islam, as well as many other older religions, have their own terms for these spiritual beings. It seems as though their primary purpose is to help us through life in our times of need.

An angel on earth looks just like you or me. But, they are very compassionate and seem to have heightened psychic talents. You may feel as if they can see right through to your soul, which is why they always know what you need. The thing that will capture your attention most, though, is their impeccable timing. They are always right on time with the guidance they bestow.

You never know what form an angel will take to approach you. They could look like anyone. Angels look like children or adults, beggars and rich folk alike. They bring us help when we need it, and in doing so restore our faith in a higher being. Angels remind us that in this life and the next, we are loved.

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