The Hazards of Self-Reading

The Hazards of Self-Reading

Everyone possesses psychic talents, but harnessing their full potential can produce wonderous results.  A common and seemingly logical step is for people to begin reading themselves.  However, be cautious as this act places you in a similar situation as if you were representing yourself in court.  Can it be done, sure, but it can inadvertently produce horrendous results.

This is because it is near impossible to remain objective.  No one wants to hear negative news and can struggle to fully own their shortcomings or harmful actions.  It’s human nature to manipulate the situation to cast yourself in a better light.  Consider how you view your diet or spending habits!

Next time you are looking for answers, put down your divination tools and find a quiet private space to enter a meditative state.  Call out to your spirit guides or the archangels.  Envision a place that produces a truly peaceful and grounding sensations and pose your questions to them.  Trust in their wise feedback and insights.  Allow this meeting to be as normal of a conversation as possible.  Let this conversation shape how you wish to create your next steps when you return to your normal state of consciousness.

By taking this approach rather than reading for yourself, you can avoid creating the answer you were wishing for.  You can see the situation as it really is, rather than manipulating it to serve your ego.  If you posses the ability to conduct reading, use your talents to serve others in need.  If you require a reading, enlist the help of a professional and reputable psychic in order to maintain as much objectivity as possible, so you can receive a truly accurate reading.