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The Power of Manifesting Secrets

When it comes to manifesting the secrets within your spiritual self, there is a bit of truth to the notion that you are what you think. But thinking, however, is just one of the energetic pathways that can be used in manifesting your secrets. They pathways to manifesting your secrets are many, and positive thinking alone isn’t necessarily going to be enough when it comes to changing your reality. That can make for a slow and unsure path towards getting what you really want out of life. While thinking is a key step in manifesting the secrets, in actuality, feeling comes before thinking. Because we our feelings and emotions have been around long before our thinking abilities, feeling is the secret key when it comes to manifesting your reality. So how can you truly get what you want in life? Well, you can do that by manifesting on four different levels, or realities.

The Intellectual Mind

When it comes to the intellectual mind and how to use it to properly manifest, it’s important to acknowledge the darkness while you’re manifesting your positive thoughts. However, you shouldn’t dwell on the dark thoughts. Of course, they exist and can have power, but you don’t have to give them a lot of attention, therefore denying them the opportunity to amplify.

The Emotional Realm

The emotional realm is one that tends to be not accessed enough when you’re trying to manifest what you want. In using your feelings and direct energy, it’s essential to follow your emotional and passions. Focus on feelings of achievement and satisfaction. You can also use the emotional realm of thought to help others too while helping gain more positive connections.

The Physical World

When it comes to attaining your dreams and goals in life, taking physical action is one of the most important ways to manifest those secrets. Of course, we can spend endless amounts of time dreaming up fantasies as to what we’d like our life to be like. But if we don’t physically follow through and pursue those dreams…they will always remain as fantasies. No taking physical action within your life is a key step in your manifestation.

Invoking the Realm of the Spirit

In manifesting what you want in life, it’s important to keep in touch with your spiritual self. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation. In meditation your manifestation, you’ll be able to connect with a deeper level of consciousness, therefore sending yourself on a more destined path towards your wants and desires.

Manifesting your choices and desires in life comes from the power within yourself. So, it’s important to always work towards your dreams while working with as many levels or dimensions as you can. In working on these manifestations, you’ll be able to capture those dreams in life.

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