The Whole Journey Of A Man


          Birth and death are the two journeys that bookend a man’s life. However, there are many other journeys he should take in between that develop his character and help him find himself. The journeys he takes should also help him find his bliss and they should be satisfying and worthwhile. To have that kind of well-rounded life, here are six journeys a man should take.

1. The Journey to Find Himself
A man who doesn’t know who he is defines himself by his profession, his material goods and how much money he makes. He is not sure of his identity, so he dives into his work to the point of being a workaholic—it’s the one thing that gives him purpose. But a man is so much more than what he does for a living. In order to find himself, he needs to discover what he has to offer to the world, to his partner, and what kind of legacy he wishes to leave behind.

2. The Journey to Help Others Achieve Their Dream
Along the path to collecting his fame and fortune, a man will be challenged to be the best at his academics, career, and relationships. But the victories found within these challenges are not nearly as satisfying as helping others achieve their own dreams. Self-focus may make a man feel as if he is above all others, but that leaves him with the final outcome of being alone. The bragging rights of being the last man standing are not nearly as satisfying as finding relevance and purpose by impacting other people’s lives.

3.The Journey to Focus on What Truly Matters 
If a man focuses on vanity and pride, he isn’t focusing on what truly matters. Sure, his friends, family, and the media have their own opinions on what course a man should take, but that doesn’t mean he has to entertain them. Instead, he should focus on what really matters—trust, intimacy and worthwhile relationships. These truly matter because of how they make a man feel.

4. The Journey to Understand Others 
Compromising is better than winning an argument. It’s better for a man to have a better understanding of the other person’s point of view, rather than focusing on what makes him right. Therefore, he should listen to what they have to say and try to understand what makes their view so different from his own. He may not end up with a friend, but at least he won’t end up with an adversary. This is especially important when it comes to his relationships with family, friends, coworkers and significant others.

5. The Journey Towards Being Faithful
For many, cheating is not just being intimate with someone behind their partner’s back. Cheating is also not listening, not understanding and not satisfying a partner’s needs. And to be a cheater, a man doesn’t have to cheat with an intimate partner. He can cheat with his job, his car and his friends. So, the best way to maintain an intimate connection and remain faithful is to communicate openly and spend time together. A man should ask his partner how they feel, and if they aren’t feeling great, he should ask what he can do to help them feel better.

6. The Journey to Discover His Bliss 
Discovering his bliss is more than discovering who he is. A man’s bliss is what he is most passionate about, whether it is music, painting or another hobby. It could be a natural-born gift, or something he’s had to work hard at to master. No matter what his bliss is, it should be incorporated into his everyday life.