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Chakra Symbols

What are Chakra Symbols and Meanings?

Chakra’s are the energy centers that fill our lives. People have embraced their chakras for years and with the chakras come different elements and symbols that can help people as they move through life.

Some studies have shown that the different colors in the world can affect how we feel. So, our moods are affected by things around us, and the interesting thing is that the chakras are embraced by different colors. What colors help you to feel balanced and good?

Each chakra has a different vibrations and meaning and each one is associated with some kind of color or symbol. These colors, symbols and vibrations can help affect our life and who we are.

Elements of the Chakra Symbols

Chakras have different elements in the spiritual realm and a different vibration. This is helpful to know because when our chakras are balanced, it can allow the energy to flow through the body, making us strong.

Circle Symbol

The chakras are symbolized by a circle because it is a life flow that goes throughout the body. There are seven chakras from the crown which is at the top of the head to the root which is at the feet. These things are there for all eternity and they are full of energies that our bodies use.

The circle is also a representation of the moon when it is full, and it represents how life continuously cycles and that life is eternal such as space and time.

Square Symbol

The square is another symbol that is represented by the chakras. This is a base sign, and it shows solidity and strength.

This is a foundational symbol and represents the foundation of the body and allows all of the chakras to be able to work with the square to be strong and to reach the level of our mind and body that we need to move forward and to reach our higher self.

Triangle Symbol

The triangle is one shape that has three points. These three points can represent things such as being connected or being one or in harmony. Since the mind, body and soul are all one, it can show you through the triangle how this is an open spiritual connection with who we are. We are connected both in the spirit world and the physical world.

When a triangle works with a chakra, the point faces down because it means you can get the information from the universe that is needed to teach you and connect you. The only one that is different is the heart chakra.

Lotus Shape

The shape of the lotus is how we grow and represents our spirit man elevating. The mind, body and soul allows us to awaken and reach our highest spiritual shape.

The petals in the lotus represent the energy of the chakras and can also mean fertility, growth, awakening and more. When the lotus has more petals, it can mean that the energy is shifting and flowing correctly.

Hexagram Shape

This shape is very high in the vibrations because of the fact that it means both masculine and feminine energies. These energies are strong and can bring balance to life. Without either of these energies, the world would be confused.

Spirit Animal Shapes

When the chakra is associated with a spirit animal it means that they have the same kind of balance. The powers in the chakras and the animals are used with symbols that allow people to know to meditate so that they can connect with the spirit world.

Energy of the gods and goddesses

The chakras work with the Hindu gods and goddesses, and they take power from these different qualities. Here are a list of the gods and goddesses with each chakra:

  • Crown: Kundalini and Shiva.
  • Third Eye chakra: Sadashiv and Shakina Shakti.
  • Throat chakra: Sadashiv, Shakina Shakti.
  • Heart chakra: Rudra, Kakini Shakti.
  • Solar Plexus chakra: Vishnu, Lakini Shakti.
  • Sacral chakra: Brahma, Rakini.
  • Root chakra: Ganesha, Dakini.

Colors of the Chakras

The colors of the chakra can help us to know what we are feeling and can raise or change our vibrations.

When you use the different colors when you need to open up a chakra or when you are meditating, you will see that this can give you power to open up a chakra and to get rid of blockages that are bringing you down.


There are different mantras that can be used such as a seed syllable or a Bija mantra. These can be used when you are meditating and can help you to be able to move energy through the body. This can activate and balance your energy and allow you to connect with the vortexes.

As you connect with the chakras and the syllables, they will help you to see the energy move correctly and will help to get rid of blockages. Some are silent syllables while others are used to bring peace, calmness and a higher consciousness in your life.

Use these sound vibrations to reach peace:

  • Crown chakra: silence.
  • Third eye chakra: OM
  • Throat chakra: HAM
  • Heart chakra: YAM
  • Solar Plexus chakra: RAM
  • Sacral chakra: VAM
  • Root chakra: LAM

Meanings of the Root Chakra Symbols

The root chakra is the first chakra and is often called the Muladhara. This is found at the spine and is the foundation of the chakras. It uses the syllable LAM and is a spirit animal of the elephant.

Red Root

Red in the root chakra works with the energy of the cosmos. This is a powerful energy, and it allows people to evolve and to grow.

This is a color that means passion and can bring order to your mind and body.


The triangle that points down is the one that works to move the energy with the root. This can mean you are grounded with the earth and that you are like a seed that is ready to sprout.


The square means that things are secure and stable. This is a solid shape and can bring energy moving in a free atmosphere. This can help with your passions and allow you to be structured and reliable.


The lotus with the root has four petals and means birth. It can also mean:

  • Intellectual: Buddhi
  • Mind: Manas
  • Consciousness: Chitta
  • Ego: Ahamkara

Sacral Chakra Meanings

This is the second chakra and is one that means Svadhisthana. This means to be established and strong. It works with the color orange and the animal of the crocodile and uses VAM as the syllable. It works with the water element.


The color of orange of the Sacral chakra means to have joy and peace and can mean excitement. It can also mean you are able to be creative and strong.

This can mean you are free, and you can have good ideas.

Moon Shape

The moon shape that faces upward or the crescent moon is part of the feminine power. It allows the flow of energy to take place. It symbolizes fertility and being powerful and having strong energy.


The lotus of the sacral chakra works with six petals. It means that you can get rid of things such as anger, desire, cruelness, pride, jealousy and hate. The petals represent having a strong mind and living a good life of goodness.

Solar Plexus Meaning

This is the Manipura and is the third chakra down. It is found in the stomach and represented by the color yellow. It works with the RAM syllable and uses the ram as the spirit animal.


The yellow of the solar plexus represents having power and light. It can mean you are strong in who you are, and you have good self-esteem. This is a feeling of being part of the world but rising above it.


The triangle that faces down is part of the sacral chakra. It can mean that you are illuminated and that you are strong and vital.

This can also mean that you have intelligence and inner power and that you are able to let the universe guide you.


The lotus of the sacral chakra means that you have ten petals. This can mean that the vibrations are high and that you are able to overcome everything to reach the highest being. You will get rid of things such as:

  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Shame

These negative things will hold you back and you have to overcome them.

Heart Chakra Meaning

The heart chakra or the Anahata is found in the chest area. It is the fourth chakra and uses YAM as a syllable. It is associated with green and the deer animal.


Green shows that you are able to grow and that you want to be part of nature. It means healing and it shows compassion to others. This is the place of love and compassion.


There are two triangles in the heart chakra, and this makes a hexagram. This shape means that you are able to be one with the universe. You can also connect with the earth, and you see that they work together to bring intelligence. This represents being in harmony and having the yin and yang or the masculine and feminine symbols.


The lotus for the heart chakra is twelve petals. This means that you have qualities that are good such as:

  • Peace
  • Clarity
  • Pureness
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Unity
  • Kindness
  • Compassion

It also means that you have to overcome things such as discrimination, stress, lust and fraud.

Throat Chakra Meaning

The throat chakra or the Vishuddha is the fifth chakra. It is associated with blue, space and HAM as the syllable. It is part of the white elephant.


The blue of the throat chakra means that you are smart, and you are able to express who you are. It allows you to speak truth and to be pure in your heart and mind.


The throat chakra is represented with a circle and a triangle. This means full moon and having a clear mind and a clear heart.


The triangle faces down and means intelligence and can mean that you are able to get messages not only on the earth but from the spirit world. It means you can speak and understand truth.


The lotus of the throat chakra has sixteen petals. This means that there are sixteen different Kalas and abilities that you have to develop as you live your life. This means being who you are meant to be and to be able to talk about things easily.

Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra or the Third eye or Ajna chakra is found in the middle of the forehead. It is represented with indigo and command elements and the white elephant. It uses OM as the syllable.


Indigo is a connected color and means that you can connect with your mind and body. It allows you to understand the magic of the world and to find mysterious around you.


The triangle for this chakra points down and means that you are smart, and you get intelligence from a different place. It means that you can be wise and that you can channel things to your life with your third eye. It points down to represent a seed of wisdom that you can reach.


The lotus is a two petals when representing the third eye chakra. It means that your conscious mind and your self are connected and that you have power of the moon. The Lunar power allows your brain to work and balances you are bringing harmony, peace and a clear mind.

Crown Chakra Meaning

The last chakra or the Sahasrara is found at the top of your head. It extends past your head and is beyond any element. It is a silent mantra and works with the cosmic egg.

White and Violet

The crown uses white and violet because they represent the highest power you can have. It represents your awakening and reaching your higher conscious mind. It is a neutral color that can also mean being pure and being divine.


The circle works with the crown chakra and means that you are able to reach your spiritual awakening and have divine power. This is an eternity thing.


The crown chakra lotus has a thousand petals and there are twenty rows of fifty that are in an equal order. This comes in different colors and pure white. This is the power of the Kundalini and your connection with the universe.


As you look at the chakras you can see that there is a connection between the physical and the universe. The mysteries that you see allow you to discover who you are and to see the power that you have.

While you go through your awakening, be strong and let the powers of the chakra bring you peace and hope along your journey.

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