What Being an Empath Means

Being an Empath

Everything in the world has energies and this is both people and things. When you are a medium or you are a channeler, this means that you are probably an empath as well.

An empath is someone that can pick up the emotions of others and their feelings. This means that they have different types of energies that are coming to them. An empath can feel the happiness and the pain of others around them and they are gifted in giving advice to people that are hurting.

A person that is an empath will have more responsibilities than others because of their strong gift. Being a spiritual advisor means that you will meet clients that have different kinds of energies and problems. This energy will surround you and will stick to you. Some psychics are not able to even hardly function because they pick up the pains of their clients.

An empath knows that they will not have too much where they cannot handle it, but an empath will need to have more time to learn to handle their own feelings and emotions.

When they share the feelings of others, they find that they can have a hard load to carry and that the psychic can help them to be better.


Being someone that can channel spirits means that they have strong intuition. This means that they can pick up the information of others almost instantly when going out or walking into a room.

It is almost impossible to not find someone to help each and every day. You have to be compassionate to pick up the feelings and to be able to set yourself aside to help them.

Caring and Sharing

An empath will be there to care for you and to help you through your problems. Everyone has things that they have to work through each day and things that they have to face. When problems in their life or relationships come around, it can make a person very stressed or anxious.

An empath can be just what this person needs because they are able to set aside their own feelings and help the person work through the feelings that they are having. This can help others to not feel as stressed din their life.

An empath should share what they are feeling and should learn to share their energies with others. When they do this, it can help them to work through their pain and teach them how to help others.

To understand what a person is feeling, you have to work through the feelings and the goal is to find real peace and to find happiness in life.

When you are able to share the hurt and other emotions that someone has, you will see that you are giving your energy to another person. This helps them to be able to get rid of their negative emotions and to work with the universal power to be better.

An empath will go through many things, but the energies will work through it.

Being a Spiritual Channel

Being a spiritual channel can be hard because many people do not believe them. Sometimes, psychics are even lied to so that they can be mocked. A psychic can still be angry even though they are good people but when they are in situations where they are dealing with hard people, it can be hard.

Psychics will be someone that cares about life and will never give up on others. They will do whatever it takes to give a good reading rather that means going to someone’s home, going outside, or doing it in their own place. They find it honorable to help someone to figure out their problems in life and to see them get better.

Being a psychic can be hard and it can be an emotional road for many.


It is a gift to have the ability to channel and to be able to communicate in the spirit world. When you are gifted with the ability to be able to help others, you will see that you can do what you are called to do.

There is going to be situations where you have to share your emotions and you have to be empathetic with others. When you do this, you allow your mind, body, and spirit to connect with that person and to help them through their hard times.