What Does a Donkey Sighting Mean?

Donkey Sighting

Even though the donkey is like a cousin to the horse, it got its name ass because it is a Latin name and not because of the skills that they lack.

This mammal is a smart animal. It has a great sense of humor, and it has a funny characteristic about it.

Symbol of the Donkey

The donkey is symbolized as something negative such as being a burden or being stubborn. The donkey goes beyond those beliefs that people have about it.

Some believe that the donkey was domesticated more than 4,000 years ago and that it was able to work through things that were very harsh and dangerous. The donkeys learned their skills in the desert, and this became an animal that was looked at as a faithful and smart animal. Even Mexico and America used the donkeys to haul big equipment.

The donkey bray’s which is a loud way that it communicates. It is loud because it wants to warn people or because it is afraid. This is a symbol that someone should be able to stand up and to speak.

This is an animal that is able to stand its ground when it has to and when it chooses to stop, it will not be able to be moved. It will stand very still and not move a muscle or make a sound. Some call the donkey stubborn because if it chooses not to move, it won’t.

Spirit Animal

If you have a donkey as your spirit animal, it can mean you are able to face problems straight up. It can mean that you are like a soldier or a nurse and that you are there to help others and to work hard to make sure people are taken care of.

The donkey is strong in its intuition and it is able to keep others out of danger. If you have a donkey guiding you, this can mean that you are cautious and that your senses are strong. If you face problems, the donkey spirit can help you to fight against your troubles.

Dreaming of the Donkey

If you dream of the donkey, it can mean that something is coming in your life that you have to give in to. You cannot be stubborn, or you will miss out.

If you dream you are riding on a donkey, it can mean you are honest and that you are loving. It can mean you are humble.

Dreaming of a donkey braying can mean that you need to be aware that someone that you thought was a friend is not.

Cultural Connections

The donkey is considered invaluable to many countries such as China and Ireland. This is because they are able to do jobs that other animals cannot such as carrying water and being able to transport people and things.

In the Bible, the donkey is represented of being able to stop people from making mistakes and the animal that was sensitive to the voice of God.

The donkey was also a symbol of the Egyptian sun god, Ra and the Greek god, Dionysus.

Donkey’s in Books

The donkey is also found in many books such as ancient writings. This writing often sees the donkey in a negative way. Shakespeare uses the word ass a lot and considered someone dumb, an ass or a donkey.

In some movies, the donkey is there such as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm and it is a donkey that is loyal but very critical.

Eeyore is another donkey found in Winnie the Pooh that is lovable and curious but seems to be easily annoyed or upset. Shrek has a donkey that is wild, curious, and very annoying.