What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?

Yellow Aura

Have you ever had an aura reading and you have been told that you have a yellow aura? If you have a yellow aura, this can mean all great things for your life. This can mean that you have a new day, good times in your life, happiness, peace, love and more, this is a color that is associated with gold or yellow. Remember that the color gold represents wealth and represents other things that can mean being successful and strong.

In China, people were not able to wear gold in Buddhist sects unless they were an emperor because these colors remind them that they are wealthy.

Yellow was an important color in the Mayan times, and it was a color that meant that people could keep the maize strong. It also is a color that means death and even in the Bible, gold was considered a majesty color to honor God. When you can talk well, and you are smart, yellow can be associated with this.

The Mexicans believe that yellow is about death and life and that flowers that are yellow are given to gift other people with peace and happiness.

What Does Yellow Mean?

Having a yellow or holden aura can mean that you are powerful. Gold is one that means things such as:

• Intelligence.
• Strong energy.
• Moving.
• Action.
• Excitement.
• Being a leader.

Gold color can mean that you are happy, joyful, free and that you don’t hold grudges or get mad too easily. When your color is yellow, you will see that your aura means you are feeling these things. An aura will change colors depending on your feelings. Colors can get brighter or darker and when you have a green or yellowish aura, you might have other colors mixed in.

Bright Yellow

Never worry about when your aura changes because people have their colors to change often. If your color is yellow today but not later, it just means that things in your life are changing.

When your color is bright yellow, you can find out that you are struggling with something. Don’t be worried if this happens but learn to change a way to improve yourself.

White Yellow

If you have an aura that is whitish yellow, then it can mean that you are awakened in your spiritual life. This can mean that you are getting a message and that you need to be open to your gifts. When you look at your life, you will be surprised about how much you have changed in your spirit.

Red and Yellow Aura

The aura color that you have will tell you who you are and what you are feeling. If you have a sense of self and you are strong, chances are that your aura will be red. You might be strong in your mind, and you might be able to work well by yourself and others.

You have the chance to move forward, and you can take actions to make progress in your life if you are lacking.

Yellow Orange Aura

The color orange can mean that you are bold, and you love things that are exciting. It can mean that you like to take changes and that you are strong in your sensuality. When you have yellow and red, it can mean you are positive and that you are a great leader.

This color aura can mean that you are a strong person and that you will be happy.

Yellow and Green Aura

A green aura can mean that you are strong and that you are always changing and growing. It can mean that you are moving forward and that, you are positive.

This color aura can mean you are smart and that you are strong, excited, and powerful.

Blue and Yellow Aura

A yellow aura that has blue in can be a great aura. This can mean you are balanced in your life and that you are at peace. It can mean that you have positive energies and that you have peace and love in your life.

Someone with this color aura is normally a strong energy and makes them a great leader. They are a perfect person to heal and to bring light to others.

Yellow and Purple Aura

The color purple can mean you are creative and that you have a strong imagination. When this is combined with the yellow aura it can mean that you have strong giftings such as strong intuition.

It can mean you are creative and that you are able to do things to make your creativity come to life.

Yellow Quartz

A quartz for the aura can come in yellow and this is a great crystal to have. It can help you to manifest thing and to get rid of old things in your past that are holding you back.

If you struggle with your feelings, this crystal can help you to be strong and help you to benefit from things that the crystal helps you connect with. You can use this to talk to your spirit guides and angels and you can release things that are holding you back.

You can use the crystal to see your aura and to help you understand yourself even more.

Yellow in Dreams

If you dream of yellow, you will see that this can mean that you are at peace in your life and that you are happy. It can also mean you have good health and that you are able to love yourself.

A yellow bird can mean that you are going to get something good to come to you and if you dream of yellow butterflies, it can mean that you are going to have something happy come to you.

Dreaming about someone that you love that has yellow on can tell you to look for them and find out if they are being truthful to you.

A yellow house dream can mean that you are creativity, and a yellow snake can mean that you are about to face challenges that you can fight against.


Chances are that you can look at your aura and find out what it means for you. You might have a red, yellow, purple, green or other color aura and this has to do with your thoughts and feelings.

Find out what you are feeling and if you need to, go to a professional and get an aura reading. When your aura energy is yellow, you will see that good things are coming to your life. You can change and be changed, and you can fight against things that are holding you back.

Find out about your aura today and what the colors mean to you.