What is Your Sun Sign Talent?


images (2)Your zodiac sun sign signifies the energy on which your Soul incarnated this lifetime. Though there are numerous additional factors influencing the overall map of your Soul, your sun sign plays a major role in your life. Your sun sign reveals your consciousness of self as a unique human being.

Eclipses open the “windows between the worlds” during September and October, making anything possible. Listen to your intuitive nature and balance creative idea time with taking real action. Put your goals on paper and review them regularly. Timing is everything, and now is perfect for creating new pathways to express your sun sign’s genius:


You continue to define your career and public image with brilliant new ideas. Now is the time to enhance these with further education, travel and spiritual studies for greater expression of your talents. Incorporate all that you’ve learned over the past few years in relationships to add heart to your projects.


All your rich, sexy ideas are seeking expression. Whether you get into fashion design, open a blow-dry bar, or just enjoy an incredible love life, you’ll be an artist in demand. Take care with groups and the internet, until you have all the facts. Stay in touch with your power of beauty and love to succeed.


You’re going to develop more complete self-expression over the next few years as focus shifts to home and relationships. This is all part of a greater plan to bring your communication skills into a much more satisfying, loving realm. Whatever your creative pursuits may be, inspiration flows and demands to be shared with others.


You are in the process of a spiritual awakening that will change your perspective on everything that you might want and need. Find the best way to express that source of infinite love that you are and take care to be clear. Then don’t hold back. Say how you feel. You’ll be working a lot in the process, but will find true joy in serving in the midst of love.


In the midst of challenges, you’ve had quite a year where anyone and everyone have taken notice of you. It’s now time to consider what’s best for your finances and personal values. Solid success comes from putting real effort into creative pursuits. Dreams are effective as long as you always ground them in reality and clear self-expression.


You are a master of making things happen and doing them well. Currently, you’re the sun sign that has the most to gain from really listening to heartfelt inspiration over the next year. Your ability to put things into form will suddenly demand that you offer your talents on a greater scale. You’re not comfortable in the spotlight, but you’re needed there, so enjoy the adoration!


images (4)You have learned volumes about relationships over that past few years. You’ve discovered the satisfaction of recognizing your talents, rather than total focus on your significant other. This frees you to joyously be yourself and have the true person of your dreams team with you for future success.


It’s been a massive amount of work over the past year or two and you are about to really reach the world with your projects, according to your sun sign. It will be tempting to kick back once you’ve completed it all, but keep digging into the depths of your soul to find even more success. Focus on building your financial presence and let the next seeds of creativity bring results.


While life is about to get more serious, it will also be more satisfying as your career and your public image build to new heights. Don’t neglect the people who are the foundation of your life. Use them as inspiration for all that you want to accomplish. You’ve always been the “big picture” person, so infuse your work and enhance your self-expression.


Communication becomes your focus over the next year in your plan to express your greatest talents. No detail will be too small, but let yourself remember daily what inspires and motivates you. At the heart of your being is a true sense of purpose. As long as you keep that in heart and mind, nothing can stop you as you gain more and more power.


You’ve always been the person who understands the power of networking, and you’ll continue to use that tool in your genius. In fact, you may find the thought a bit annoying since you’ve been doing it for so long. But you are building new bridges to the future if you just stick with your amazing human understanding. Financial benefit comes from what inspires you, so keep those channels open.

images (3)Pisces

You’re such an inspired person by nature that you may be a bit overwhelmed by what seems like over-confidence from partners in your life. You have some career-building to do, so don’t let others throw you off your game. You have a vision that is meant to be fulfilled—soon. Make those you love understand that they share in your future if they’ll just help you build it.

The most exciting times are unsettled, so be prepared for change. Just realize that your sun sign reveals the opportunities appearing for your spectacular new life!