Stolen Energies

Stolen Energies

When you leave a conversation feeling tired and stressed or you see someone come up on your caller ID and you instantly get a sick feeling, chances are that they leave your aura feeling back.

This happens to a point where you sometimes want to hide away, and you be put in the fetal position. When this is a co-worker it is even worse because those are people that you sometimes are forced to have to deal with.

What Did They Do?

Chances are that someone might not have done anything really, but they have caused a strain in your aura. Your aura is like a bubble of energy that surrounds you and it can be part of your thoughts and your defense mechanism that your body has.

This causes you to want to have help and is part of your biological process and the bubble lets you know what you are feeling. This could be an idea and it could be a power of good and evil.

Your response can go from being tired to being happy, depending on who you are and who that person is and what they represent.

If you were to see your aura, you will see that it can change colors. The energy can move to or away from your aura depending on who you are seeing or talking to. It can change colors or get bigger or smaller depending on who comes to talk to you.

Another person that you talk to might cause your aura to become stronger, especially if there is love and bonding. Their behavior can affect your aura and cause you to have different color energies such as purples.

Your aura can have withdrawn energies and cause your aura to make you feel small and insignificant.

People will sometimes cause our aura to become smaller or drained because of their strong emotions. If you are an empath, for example, you might have a hard time keeping your aura strong and keeping your light bright.

You will be able to use these feelings to control your power and to help you to be able to understand what your aura is doing, or you might even be able to help someone to be able to express their aura.

Never let someone be able to steal your energies because your energy is what helps your aura to be strong and powerful. With a strong aura, you can turn your negative energies into positive things, and it can help you to be able to go through life changed and free.


You can always encourage other people to be free and not to be stressed or frustrated by others. Remember that each time you are faced with negativity that you will cause your aura to change colors and lose energy from it.

The stronger your energy is and the better that your aura is, the more protected you are. Your aura is there to collect the energies that come towards you and when it is positive energies and when it is negative energies.

Your aura is part of who you are, and it can help to explain what kind of feelings that you are having. Your aura can always change and differs depending on what is going on in your life.