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Why should we spend more time outdoors?

You do not have to go far from home to enjoy the many benefits of getting outdoors. Studies show that spending only 30 minutes each day to walk or cycle in a green or open space, can boost your physical and mental health. Spending more time outdoors in wider and …

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Mourning over Friendship

Friendships are just as important as our romantic relationships. Despite the fact that a lot of films and books in well-known culture portray substantial love stories of our times, there are very essential lessons learned from friendship. These are dedication, honesty, and compromise. Sadly, all friendships don’t last. Others take …

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How to attract wild and passionate love into your life

attract wild and passionate love into your life

There are certain magical strategies you can follow to attract wild passionate love as soon as possible. Here are some! Know what you want You can visualize your partner. You don’t have to get too specific and think of things like hair color, style, or favorite music band. It is better not …

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Hope for Lost Relationships (checklist)

Don’t lose hope on Your Relationship Yet! Now it’s not the time to give up on your relationship regardless of how you feel, i.e. moving on might be difficult but you can’t tell why. I have been able to assist many clients with relationship solutions for quite some time now …

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How to manifest our deepest desires?

How to manifest our deepest desires

In this article I will share with you a step-by-step system to manifest your deepest desires. This system, I put together for myself several years ago. People have always asked me how can I stay calm and never get worried. They always have asked me about the method I follow …

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Interpretation of a Goat Sighting

It is okay to view a goat as knowledgeable, energetic, insightful and valiant regardless of its character. We can be more determined to succeed in life and ready to deal with ups and downs with the help of goat energy. You are likely to see a goat regardless of where …

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The Angels Among Us

Have you ever met an angel? Not a glowing, floating deity, but a real life coincidental encounter? The sort of encounter that seems like serendipity with a person who apparently only appeared in your life to help you in a time of dire need. I remember a TV show about …

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Silver Auras: The Gifted Ones

Everyone has an aura, a light that emanates from within. The light is colored according to your personality and can reveal interesting things about you. Across the full spectrum of color, people with a silver aura are special. A silver aura indicates that a person is gifted in some way. …

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Are You a Control Freak?

It’s nice to feel like you have a handle on things. Being in control of your life is generally preferred over constantly flying by the seat of your pants. But are you actually too controlling? Do you have a hard time enjoying each day because you’re too busy planning it? …

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Use Energy to Attract Your Dream Job

I know a fellow psychic with a tremendous amount of talent for using her gift. She is relatively new to the business, only practicing professionally for about 3 months now. She recently confided in me that she was losing confidence because of how slowly her business was growing. My colleague …

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