How to Date Other People and Have Love

How to Date Other People and Have Love

People are not much about commitment now. Even though there have always been a lot of people that you could date, now you have all of these dating sites right on your phone where you can take your pick of someone that you want to date. You don’t have to put much effort into dating, and you can use emojis to be intimate.

You can say good morning or goodnight on text, and this can make you feel that romance is dead. Maybe romance isn’t dead, but it is something that we need to do over. Maybe romance now means that someone needs to put their phone down and spend time looking and talking to each other. Maybe romance means getting rid of your dating apps and going out on a date with someone or going out to meet a real person. Romance is still there; most people just have forgotten what it looks like.

Committing to Someone

If you choose to commit to someone, you still have the option to look at other people. There are many girls and guys that are amazing to look at, but this is by choice. The choices that people make are killing their relationships and making it hard for people to have good relationships. Everyone seems to think that having an opportunity is a good thing, but the truth is, that it causes us to never feel satisfied. We don’t know what satisfaction feels or looks like because we always want more, and we always think that love doesn’t even exist. We want to have a thrill or excitement or to be pleased right away.

Facing What is Inside

We often distract ourselves and we have to face the things inside of us. How can we expect to find love when it is not easy to love someone? When we fall out of love, we leave, it is easy. We do not see love as a commitment but something that has no limits. We look at pictures, we do what we ant and we see that we have as many options as possible open to use that exist.

What You Missed Out On

When we look at our lives, we often see the things we don’t have, the places we haven’t been and the people we aren’t dating. We wonder why we aren’t satisfied in life, but we forget to look at what we have instead of always looking at what we don’t have.

Can You Commit?

Even if we find love, are we going to be able to commit and be intimate? Will we be able to give our lives up for someone else? Will we put pictures on social media to make it look like our lives are perfect? Will we worry that we will lose who we are and that we will never have the right conversations to really have love?

Comparing Love

Then, if you are with someone, will compare your love to other couples Will you compare your life and wonder if your relationship is good enough? Will you think that you are not ever going to be as happy as someone else and you will work to measure up and to be better than other people?

What to Do Next?

Will this cause you to break up with your partner because you feel that they aren’t good enough or you aren’t good enough/ Will you feel that your life and your relationship, your job, your friends, and everything in your life is not good enough? Then you will download your dating app again and find someone else, living the cycle with the good morning and goodnight texts and think that you are finding a partner that will give you a happy life. Then you will compare, become dissatisfied, fight, and then you will break up. This will be a never-ending cycle for you.


You will begin to search more, and you will send out images and you will set your attention on making yourself feel happy and even though you don’t know what you want, you will keep looking.

You will finally see that you want more and that you want to slow down and live a simple life. You will want to know what you want, and you will want to really connect with someone. You will want people in your life that will be there for you. You may not know what you want yet, but eventually you will see that you want more.