An Empath’s Reaction to Lies

An Empath's Reaction to Lies

Empaths are the most genuine people in the world. They live in authenticity and crave it in others around them. That becomes quite a challenge and the world is full of fakers and fraudsters.

Worse than that for the empath, many of these liars are rewarded in a world where such behavior is celebrated as being shrewd, cunning, and even brilliant. The world is saturated with so much disinformation that it sometimes creates disillusionment for the empath and brings them to the point of anger. After all, it shouldn’t be this way.

Empaths, being super sensitive to vibrations produced by others, are thrown into a head scramble when around those who are deceptive. This is named the “empathic antenna” because they immediately seem to know everything isn’t as it appears. These empaths are basically human lie detectors and they are really good at it.

The empath can root out and separate fake people from true liars too. Fake people are those who wear a persona like a mask, preventing others from seeing who they truly are. They want people to see this mask and react positively to it to feel loved and worthy.

Regardless of the intention, the fake person produces inauthenticity and that can eventually become manipulative. An empath may feel a “freeze effect” when they come across such a person because what they are seeing isn’t matching the vibe they are getting.

This brain confusion can result in physical manifestations for the empath including, anxiety, the inability to form correct words, nervousness, and even clumsiness. They can also forget simple things.

Experts claim this is a way the brain protects the empath. It is alerting them to lies like a fire alarm. They may not know what the deception is exactly, but do understand that something is off.

This is a historic time where lies are being revealed daily and the upheaval this brings may upset empaths since they are sensitive to such things. They may become a bit of a recluse and find healthy alternatives to social interactions.

It’s not a bad thing to take some alone time. Spending time away from others allows for growth and for your authenticity to flourish. Empaths do best when they can steer away from negativity and distraction.

Here are some other suggestions for empaths to recharge after dealing with a world full of deceptions.

  1. Watch uplifting movies.

Movies can impact us in ways we don’t realize. Not only do you need to keep negative-vibe movies off your radar but you need to zone in on uplifting, feel-good movies to raise your vibration.

  1. Keep a favorite tune playlist.

Everyone has a group of songs that makes them feel good. They could be songs from your youth or a new song that just makes you want to dance. Either way, keep a playlist of favorites that raises your vibration and keeps you happy.

  1. Get creative.

Creative projects do anyone good but are exceptional for empaths because they can use it to get in tune with their inner selves. Pick a hobby and spend some time with it every week.

  1. Walk in nature.

Empaths are some of the best at dialing into nature so make the most of it by spending time in it. A beautiful garden may be just the thing to refresh your soul.

  1. Read.

Reading poetry or a favorite book is a great way for empaths to escape. Since they have such innate abilities to feel and imagine, they can easily identify with the characters and get involved with a book in a way others don’t.

Empaths must trust their intuition regarding their interactions. You know when it is enough and you need a break. Go through the process and trust your direction.