Body Language Signs He Likes You

Body Language Signs He Likes You

Do you always wonder if a guy you like is attracted to you? You can look at his body language and find out if he likes you. Guys aren’t always good at telling you what they are feeling, and this can leave you feeling confused and having mixed signals. This could be happening because he isn’t sure what to do. Maybe one day you are around him and he makes you feel fun and funny by laughing at all of your jokes and the next day he keeps looking at you when he thinks you aren’t aware.

Even if this guy doesn’t tell you that he likes you, chances are that his body language will be able to give you a clue that he is or isn’t attracted to you. Body language is one of the ways that you can understand people even when they aren’t speaking.

Body Language Signs He Likes You

Guys are the best at hiding what they are feeling, especially from the opposite sex. They will never tell you exactly what they feel about you, especially if they aren’t quite sure yet. Women are able to use their intuition to pick up on certain cues, but this can still leave them questioning. If you want to know if a guy likes you, the best way to find out is to look at his body language. Body language can tell you a lot!

Women like to hear what a guy says more than paying attention to body language but if your guy isn’t spilling the beans, you can find out if he likes you by his body language. Body language is something that happens subconsciously and so even if a guy is trying to hide his real feelings, his body will give it away. Here are some of the biggest clues!

Eye Contact

A guy that cannot take his eyes off of you probably likes you. When men are attracted, they will stare you in the eye and make strong eye contact with you. You can also tell other ways by looking to see if his pupils dilate or if he looks at you longer than a blink. This might be a sign that he likes you.

Men will look straight into the eyes of women that they like and if you are having a deep conversation and he is intensely staring at you, chances are he likes you. Eye contact can mean that he wants to know more about you. Eye contact isn’t just with the eyes, but he can look you over, looking at your eyes, lips and even hair and then back to your eyes. This can be another sign he is attracted to you.

One of the most common signs is eye contact. A guy that likes you will notice all of the small details about you, and he will want to gaze at you. He will give you a powerful stare and this can let you know he likes you.

Acts Embarrassed When You Catch Him Staring

When a guy acts shy when you see him making eye contact, this might mean he likes you. He might feel shy, and he might give you a small smile to show that he is embarrassed. He probably is interested in you, but he just doesn’t know what to do next.

Even if the guy doesn’t tell you or say the right things to show his attraction, you will be able to tell that he has an attraction to you when you see him staring at you. A guy that is interested will have a hard time looking away from you, but he will not know if you will say yes if he asks you out. He will keep being shy until he makes the move.


If you want to know if he likes you, find out by telling a joke. If he smiles or laughs, especially if the joke is bad, he probably likes you. Another body language that you can read is blushing and smiling. A guy that really likes you will smile at you and cannot wait to see you and to agree with things you say. We smile at things that we like and if a guy likes you, smiles at you and laughs at your jokes, you have your answer.

This is one of the first signs that a guy likes you. He will smile at you, and you will be able to see his smile all over his face. You will see that he is interested in you, and you should smile back if you are interested in him as well.


We pay attention to people that we like. We will focus on the person, and we will give our utmost attention to them. If you see a guy, you like out with his friends and he leaves them to come and talk to you, chances are that he likes you.

Guys don’t notice things that they aren’t interested in and so if he is pointing out things about you such as a new haircut or new boots, he is noticing you. Pay attention to the things he is noticing about you and see if he mentions them again.

Deep Breathing

Another thing a guy will do if he likes you is to deep breathe. He will talk some and then take a deep breath. This can mean that he likes you. If he keeps letting out deep breaths when you go by him, this is a subconscious sign that he likes you and you are taking his breath away.

He might have a hard time breathing around you because he likes you and this happens at different times. He might think you look so good that you take his breath away. A sigh is a body language that is an expression of physical attraction. If he does this when looking at you, he is interested in you and thinking what it would be like to be with you.

Fixing Up

Men will not always fix their hair and look nice when they go somewhere but when they know that the girl that they like will be there, they will. They will fix their hair and always make sure to smell good and look good. Fixing their hair can be a sign to get your attention and they want you to notice them.

Guys pay attention to hair and when they go out of their way to fix their hair for you, this means that they are attracted to you. They will also touch their hair sometimes because they feel supported and comforted by this. This can be a huge sign of attraction.

Touching His Face

A guy that is flirting will be nervous and will sometimes touch their face a lot. If you notice him touching his cheeks and smiling or acting nervous, this can mean that they are interested in you. Guys are self-conscious just as girls are and this is how a man that is shy will act.

They will feel the skin in their cheeks stretching when they start to get nervous around you and when they touch their cheeks, they are making sure that they look good. They will also dress nicer when they know that you are going to be around and put in extra effort to look good.

He Wants to Be Noticed

Everyone knows that when you like someone you want to be noticed. When a guy is interested in you, he will do things to make sure that you notice him. He wants to impress you and make you remember him.

Some guys will do things like talk loudly or will laugh to get your attention. He wants to make sure that you notice him, and this will make him act differently sometimes.

Looking at the Lips

A man that is attracted to you will look at your lips. This is something that they have a hard time hiding but it is also an involuntary motion. When he is talking to you, he will look down at your lips without meaning to.

This can mean he has deep feelings for you and that you make him turned on. He probably wants to be with you.

Pointing His Feet

When a person is attracted to you, their body will be in a posture where their feet are facing you. This is part of the body language that shows you that he wants to be close to you and that he is interested in you.

When we like someone, we subconsciously will point our feet in the place where the person we are attracted to is. If you look down and see his feet are facing you, there is a good chance he likes you.

Leaning In

Having a good talk with a guy can be a good thing if you want to know if he likes you. His body will do things to be close to you such as leaning in. This can create a feeling of chemistry between the two of you. Even if he isn’t close to you, he will reach out towards you, and this can mean he likes you.

Fixing Clothing

He might not be sure if you like him but if he likes you, he will make sure that his clothes are pulled down right and his shirt is tucked in, or his tie is straight. Whatever he is wearing, when a guy messes with their clothing, they probably like being around you.

He might even go as far as asking about things that you like and paying attention to the things that you are interested in. When he sits close to you, he will fix his clothes and he will sit up tall.

Eyebrow Raise

One big sign that someone is attracted to you is that they will raise their eyebrows when they talk to you. This is a sign that a guy likes you. When someone raises their eyebrows, it can mean they are attracted to something or they like something. Guys will sometimes do this when they walk by women, they think are pretty.

If he raises his eyebrows around you a lot, he finds you interesting and he is attracted to you. Pay attention to see if this is happening when he is around you.

Parting the Lips

Another sign that he might like you is that he will part his lips. This can mean that he wants to be with you, and he is imagining being close to you. This is a time when he might be daydreaming about you and fantasizing about you.

Touching Accidently

He might brush his hand against your hand or put his hand on your back when you are talking. When he laughs, he might touch your leg. These are “accidents” that he plans out so that he can touch you and be close to you. He wants you to know that he likes you.

When a guy likes you, they will be touchier, and they will do this because they want to be close with you.

Checking Her Out

Checking out someone is interesting and when a guy is doing this, he will sometimes be secretive. But, when a guy likes you, they will let you notice that they are checking you out. They will let you catch them staring at you or catch him smiling. They do this because they want you to notice that they like you.

As you get to know a guy more, he will be more apt to allow you to notice the attraction that he has towards you.

Flaring Nostrils

Sometimes a guys nostrils will flare when they like you. Even though most guys would hate this, it is part of the body language that just is part of life. This isn’t something that most people find attractive, and most guys don’t even know they do it, but if you see his nostrils flaring, this is a good sign.

Putting the Phone Down

If a guy really likes you then he will not pick up his phone when you are out together. He will give you all of his attention and he will make sure to not be bothered by the phone. He will probably even lay the phone down on the table in silent mode so not to be disturbed.

This should be a big way that you know you are important to him. He will want you to know that you are more important than what is going on around him. If he is someone that is always on the phone and he never even looks at you, he probably doesn’t want to connect with you at all.

Final Thoughts

A man can make you feel special and let you know that he is attracted to you by all of these body language signs. If you still aren’t sure, ask him. Let him know that you are interested and see where things go. Go with the date and don’t worry what happens next.

By paying attention to his body language, you can pretty much sum up if he is into you or not and if he wants to date you or take things further.