Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections

Everyone has cosmic connections in the world, and some do not realize that they are connected to someone even when they are face to face with them.

All cosmic connections are not positive, but they all have a meaning and they hold a reason.  Cosmic connections work through people so that they can gain insight on different levels in their life.  These people that are connected to us help us to learn important things about ourselves.

There are signs in relationships that make us know that our relationships are shifted from a friendship, a romantic relationship or someone that is cosmically connected with us.

Signs of a Cosmic Connection

There are many signs that you can see if you meet someone that is a cosmic connection with you.

Heal You

When you meet someone that helps you heal, they will be there to make you a better person than you are.  They will be there both positive and negative ways.

Comfort Zone

This person will take you out of your comfort zone and will allow you to be able to be a better person.  You will find yourself when you get in this relationship.


The person that you are cosmically connected with will bring you through all positive and negative things in your heart.  This will be hard, but you will be open to them and you will know that they are there to help you and to benefit you.

Upsets You

This person will bring you pain and will upset you deeper than you are used to. You will have people that make you uncomfortable and bring you through pain in your life, but you will learn lessons with them.

What You Need

This connection that you have will be one that you need.  They will not tell you what you want to hear but will tell you what you need to hear.  They will not make you feel better about things but will tell you the truth.

Slow Down

This person will remind you that you need to slow down.  You forget to do that sometimes, but it is better for you to move forward and to have a positive life.


This cosmic connection will motivate you to move forward in life.  They will shape who you are and will give you a better life.


This person will show you that you have a purpose and that you have a meaning in your life.  They will be big and over the top, but they will work with you and make you a better person.


This person will make you question all things in your life.  They will show you that things should be the way that they are but that there are answers that need to be found.  They will help you find these answers.