Know Your Personality thru Your Halloween Costume


Halloween-Costumes-for-Couples_04Most people struggle throughout their lives to reach the ideal self they always dreamed of. Some of them succeed in their mission while others don’t. A person could dream of becoming strong but fail to do so and as a result develop a powerful desire to acquire more strength. Another person could dream of being able to help and protect his close ones but fail to do it as well. All of these desires don’t get wiped out from the memory of a person but they remain their and affect the way he behaves throughout his life.

Earlier i said that the music that you listen to, the way you walk, talk and dress up reflect some of your innermost desires and the good news is that Halloween costumes are no different.

If you’ve ever wondered what someone’s Halloween costume selection says about his or her personality, read on.

Invisible Costumes

One of the most noticeable costumes on Halloween are often worn by the people who seem to be trying to hide. These are the large cumbersome outfits that not only block out their body, but quite often their face too. These people may have low self-esteemand are trying to draw attention away from their true self.

Couples’ Costumes

Yes, couples’ costumes can be really cute, but sometimes this kind of Halloween costume reveals that at least one of the partners in the relationship is very insecure. Perhaps they want to make sure everyone at the party knows they’re in a relationship and perhaps they don’t have much independence.

Sexy-Costumes2Sexy Costumes

Most costume shops have a plethora of sexy Halloween costumes for a good reason—Halloween is the perfect time to let your freak flag fly! Whether they feel sexually repressed the rest of the year, or the holiday is just another excuse to wear their sexuality on their sleeve, wearing a sexy costume doesn’t always suggest confidence. There is a chance the wearer could be suffering from low self-esteem, depression and body dissatisfaction.

Outrageous Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time to explore a deep, dark desire. That’s why many people dress in costumes that represent the complete opposite of who they are in real life. So a person dressed in an outrageous costume (or a sexy one) may not be outrageous in their everyday life. Perhaps they just want to get a taste of how “the other half lives.”

Animal Costumes

Some people dress up as animals, because they think they’re cute. Other people dress as animals because they want to possess a specific quality. A shark costume could mean they wish to be more aggressive and predatory, while a bunny costume may mean they want to be seen as cute and cuddly.

Popular Costumes

There are those people who dress up in the most popular costumes of the year—they buy whatever is trending. This could mean they aren’t very original. This could also mean it’s important for them to fit in with a crowd. People hide behind popular logos and brands every day of the year because they make them feel important. They same could be true of people who wear the popular Halloween costume.

Scary Costume

Many people view Halloween as a scary holiday, so naturally, they choose a scary Halloween costume. But there may be a little more to it than that. When a person feels as if they have lost control over their life and have become more of a victim than a victor, they may be drawn to these types of scary characters because it gives them a sense of power. This is because these types of characters are generally pictured as being unburdened by the empathy that makes a person vulnerable to sadness and fear. So in reality, these people may be a whole lot more sad and frightened than they are scary.

goodwill_family-costume_Monke-Business-galUniform Costume

There are times when people crave to feel the power behind a certain uniform. Studies suggest that people actually feel (and perform) better when wearing a particular outfit. Maybe dressing as a doctor fulfills a desire for a career path that was always out of reach. Some uniforms are also considered more sexy than others, like doctor, fireman or paramedic, so perhaps they’re just looking to turn you on.

Business Costume

Business costumes are for people who identify themselves by their jobs. Plus, their costumes have been sitting in their closets all year, so they don’t have to spend money on something new. A business costume suggests that they may be a workaholic in real life.