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Looking To Your Wonderful Life

    We would sometimes feel a great sadness and darkness in our lives… that painful feeling that you are along and everything is falling apart.  While it may be somewhat easier to step out of the darkness and reclaim positivity after one event, it gets harder and harder as the events keep piling up. You may be able to deal with a job loss, but if there is a cancer diagnosis after the job loss followed in quick succession by the death of a loved one, an unaffordable car repair and other hurdles that life has a way of placing in front of you, it gets more and more difficult to find light and meaning in your life.

When you find yourself drowning in a sea of seemingly endless sorrows, these four reminders may renew your positive outlook so that you can find meaning in your life, despite everything that is happening.

Reminder #1: You are a survivor

If you wake up to a fresh new day filled with its mix of obligations, responsibilities and undiscovered delights, it means that you’ve survived to live yet another day. From childhood scrapes and stubbed toes to heartbreak and financial struggles, every single thing that has happened to you has made you a stronger and wiser person with the strength to survive, if not thrive.

Reminder #2: Adversity builds strength

The natural world is full of reminders that struggle and adversity often leads to strength and greatness. Butterflies emerge from their chrysalis only to struggle to beat their wings. It is this struggle that dries the wings, giving the butterfly the strength needed to take off in flight. Remember that you are like the butterfly struggling to fly. Each hardship that you face is an opportunity to strengthen your resolve and learn the lessons needed for what comes next on your life’s path. From the time you were a newborn learning to lift up your head to the moment, you have been strengthened by the adversity that you face.

Reminder #3: We are a part of the natural world

The immense beauty and intricate balance of the natural world is a part of who you are and you, as an individual, contribute to the beauty and mystery of life on Earth. The sun is at the perfect distance to sustain life without burning us or freezing us; the oceans tides are in perfect sync with the moon and the human body is a wonder to behold in and of itself. Sit in nature, listen to your heartbeat and remind yourself that you are a part of this beautiful world.

Reminder #4: You make a difference in the world

Your presence here on Earth, in your life, makes a difference to someone. Sometimes a person’s contributions to the world are dramatic with a far-reaching impact that changes the course of history. However, it is far more common for you to make a small difference in the world. The key is that you never know how your seemingly small action can make a difference that sends ripples out into the world. Never underestimate your power to make a difference with a smile, kind word, generous act or blessing of forgiveness. Your life has worth and you do matter.

In times of darkness and great adversity, it can be a struggle to remind yourself that your life has meaning. Prepare yourself for these times by reminding yourself daily that you are a survivor, that you are strong, that you are a part of the world and you make a difference.

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