Mercury Direct: Time To Take Steps Forward


       Just right after one of the most intense Mercury retrograde periods that began on December 19, we had another Mercury direct last January 8. You’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the holidays and now it’s time to move forward.

The Benefits

You will reap many benefits during this time due to your amazing ideas and established knowledge. However, you need to keep in mind that in order for you to move forward, you need to be willing to let go of what no longer serves you. It’s time to discover what it takes to make your visions a reality. You have to rely on what is truly heartfelt to you.

Remain Patient

You’re so committed to the new life you’ve envisioned for yourself that it’s been hard remaining patient during this reflective period. But you’ve needed the time to let your ideas germinate before being able to communicate them to others. Whether it’s about your love and family life, a creative endeavor or your highest ambition, now is the powerful time to share this with the world.

The Chinese New Year

Reflect on personal events that took place around December 28 to find direction in your active pursuit of what you want, as the doors open beginning January 8. You’ll see an opportunity on January 27 when Mercury leaves his shadow. This is a time of rebirth as the Chinese New Year also happens this month. Your time has come!

Here is your Mercury direct horoscope!


Education and inspiration come together to move you forward in your life’s pursuit on January 8. You have a desire to shake things up right now. That’s not a problem as long as you remain true to your highest ideals. In fact, if you maintain that perspective, you’ll do amazingly well.


Past investments could serve you well in romantic travel, spiritual pursuits and whatever else you’ve dreamed of. It can be truly magical. Use your best talents at making things beautiful, romantic and sexy, whether that’s in your personal or creative ventures.


You’re sensitive to the movement of your sun sign ruler, and Mercury is finally moving forward. You’ve been creating amazing beauty and happiness with lovers, friends and your artistic pursuits. Share it all and see what happens around February 1.


You’ve been so busy with family and partnership responsibilities that you’re looking for a change. If someone in your life has been too demanding, understand that they are trying to cope with inner feelings that they don’t understand. If you’re empathetic, you could open yourself up to a beautiful, loving experience.


People will begin to really hear you when you speak about your love life, your creative, and leadership efforts. There will be a bit of intense hard work associated with moving your future forward, but you’re up for it. You’re motivated and the results will be worth it.


You’re about to break free from demands at home to enjoy a little romance with your partner, or a sexy creative experience surrounded by love. It’s time. You’re experience of Mercury retrograde may be the most exasperating of any sign, because you love being organized. You’ll be happy when you see the flow return to your daily life.


You’ve had some good talks during Mercury retrograde, but you’re still waiting for the results. You’re now open to create some real beauty and love in your work life, and maybe you’ll even find someone interesting there. Communicate clearly and if you’re already in a relationship, think before acting.


You are a ball of fire creatively and romantically with this Mercury direct. Your ability to communicate is intense, but healing will open both career and relationship doors for you. At the same time, practice healthy activities and eat mindfully for extra energy.


This has been a particularly potent Mercury retrograde period with an intense impact on your sun sign. Whatever you haven’t “cleaned up” in your grand and generous life has demanded your attention. Now, you’ll be able to run with those great ideas. Share them with friends and on social media and enjoy the feedback.


You’re tired of looking in your rearview mirror at old issues. Happily, you can now take action. However, it won’t be quiet, because you are about to make enormous changes. Communicate them with loving kindness for success.


You are dealing with social media issues and friends’ events, but this is all about to change so you can focus on your own unmet needs. Moving forward means examining what is essential to your heart and soul. You have innovative ideas that serve you well. Take care of your educational and spiritual needs and you’ll reach a new pinnacle soon.


You’re ready to unleash the beautiful you to the world. It’s the version you developed over the past few weeks. Use social media and public events to spread the word about who you are and what you have to offer.