Psychic Seduction And Remote Influence


Below is an outlined technique said by many to have worked as far as using psychic abilities to seduce another personpsychic seduction much desired.  It has been said that the technique works whether the person is somebody you had the hots for at first sight or someone you already know that you are familiar with the other person’s qualities.

It is recommended that you perform the steps before you go to sleep.  That is so because sleep will help you to then forget the process.   Note, it is necessary to forget about what you did.  It might be possible to do it at anytime of the day, as long as you have something else to do afterwards that will help you forget the technique you performed.

  • Close your eyes and imagine the body of your new lover.  Do you best to conjure as much as him or her as if they were in real size 3D however the body must be without skin color – it can be a gold, crystal, transparent – it depending on how your mind will conjure them.   
  • Start making love with your lovers thought form.  Be as realistic as you can, you must feel the body when you silhouette sextouch it so it important to focus.  Do not picture their face.  Imagining them with their face opens you to the risk of concentrating on that other person’s aura and might create resistance from that person unless you have higher remote influence power.  You would only concentrate on the other person’s body and your focus would be on the imagined sense of touch and pleasure that comes with it.  If you want to boost your remote influence power take up an energy work routine such as yoga or tai chi, do a concentration drill and soon you will have better ability.
  • While making imagined love with your lovers thought-form, think about his or her physical qualities.  Say to their thought forms, “I like your hair color, eye color, and the like.”   Or “I enjoy the way your eyes sparkle.   Continue with this while picturing the qualities you like of your lover.
  • When you feel ready , you now have to transfer your energy inside your lovers thought form from your penis or vagina inside her/his body.  Imagine it like a ball of energy you are transferring to your lovers thought body.  
  • You can repeat step 3 and 4 as long as much as you want or you can decide to end the procedure.   But when silhouette coupledone, do not think about it anymore.   It is important to completely forget about it.   

If the procedure is done properly you will notice results in a few hours or a couple of days.  There will be a spark of interest where if the other person has not noticed you before, you will find them looking in your direction.  Remember that one characteristic of desire is that the other person’s pupils are dilated.