Twin flame telepathy

Twin flame telepathy

Twins are unique and mysterious. Although they are twin souls, they are also to facets of one soul.  This is why twins have such strong telepathy and empathy between them.

Sometimes the twin souls are not born as physical twins.  This means that each individual soul is on its own journey but can still be close by, and, like physical twins you will know them because you will resonate with them. You will recognize them as the other half of yourself.

The connection

If you meet your flame twin, you will connect. You will think alike and you will be able to feel what each other feels. It will be as if you can hear each others thoughts.  While you may not understand their actions, you will understand their thoughts.

It strange, but true, that even though you are connected from the day of your creation you will not  know it exists until you interact with each other.  It can be shocking when you start talking to each other. It may even scare you away from each other.

Signs of a bond:


Once you have connected with your twin, you will be able to know things about each other, You will be able to pick up feelings and thoughts from them. And when you are separated by distance, you will be in tune with what the other is doing.

Sharing thoughts

Even though you are separate minds, you will start to share the same thoughts.  It will be as if you two minds are merging.  You may have seen this when you finish each other’s sentences. This can be frustrating if you are interacting with a group of people.

Telepathy can be easy

When you are with your twin you will be able to talk without speaking aloud. This communication may not be in actual words, but in thoughts which makes the conversation move more quickly. If they can communicate ideas, it is possible that they can even be romantic at a great distance.

Connecting with a soul

Flame twins can see into each other’s souls. This can be uncomfortable int he beginning, but as you get used to it you can be happy in the knowledge that your twin knows you better than anyone else.  Another aspect of this connection is sharing dreams. Twin souls can even communicate within a dream state.

Different but the same

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that twins may have the same tastes and opinions and interest.  With those similarities, it isn’t odd that you may share the same faults.  If one of you has done work to remove their faults and one hasn’t you may see those faults in your twin.

It is possible to have resonance with someone who is not your twin. This is the result of strong love when energies begin to blend. It is possible that you will be able to communicate with telepathy.  This is different than with a twin; with a twin you will not have to work at it.  Telepathy is instant.


If the twins are separated, the bond between them will last for awhile, but eventually it will fade. When they meet new people, the bond will dissipate.  It is possible for the twins to keep the telepathic lines open but both have to be willing.