Use Energy to Attract Your Dream Job


I know a fellow psychic with a tremendous amount of talent for using her gift. She is relatively new to the business, only practicing professionally for about 3 months now. She recently confided in me that she was losing confidence because of how slowly her business was growing. My colleague thought perhaps she wasn’t cut out for psychic work after all. Let me share with you what I told her.

Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Nothing worth having comes overnight. Please do not think that the “skyrocket to fame” is the standard measure of success. There is no set timeline when you are chasing your dream. Be patient. You will get there, and it will be amazing.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Do not stress yourself out expecting to reach extraordinary heights in no time at all. Unrealistic timelines only set you up for needless anxiety and disappointment. Those negative feelings feed fear, which gives birth to doubt, and soon you’ll stop believing that your dream is attainable. Oh, how sad that a dream would die this way! Don’t let that be you. Your ideal profession is waiting for you. All you have to do is be patient and keep pushing forward.

Overcome Your Obstacles

What exactly is stopping you from achieving your dream right now? Write down every reason you are afraid or reluctant to pursue your dream job. I bet that when you read them on paper, you will realize they aren’t so big. I bet you can find solutions to some of your concerns, simply by brainstorming for a moment. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the excuses for why we can’t reach a goal. Instead, make a concerted effort to explore ways that you can.

Focus on the Challenges

Maybe after you’ve eliminated several obstacles, you still have a few legitimate concerns left on your list. It’s time to address those. Ask yourself how much your dream is worth. What are you willing to sacrifice to reach it? Does it require moving to a new city? Do you have a family to support? How will this change affect them? If you’re in a committed relationship, is your partner supportive of your goals? Do not immediately cancel your plans if your answers to these questions are not ideal. It is just more factors that you need to work out as you pursue your ultimate goal. You can still do this!

Just Do It

We can talk and plot and plan all day long. But are you actively making moves yet? Have you found time in your busy day to work towards that dream job? If you need to get a special license or degree, have you started researching available schools offering the program you need? The world wants to see you live your best life, but you have to reach for it.

What it Looks Like

Did you know that JK Rowling was destitute before publishing the Harry Potter book series? She was suffering from depression and raising her children alone using public assistance. Did you also know that a dozen companies turned Harry Potter down?! But patience and perseverance prevailed. And I bet even she is amazed at her success now. You will be surprised at how feasible your magical dream job actually is.

Don’t Lose Faith

Never forget that your progress is completely up to you. Keep a positive mentality, and always choose to keep pushing forward. Don’t ever doubt that you can achieve your dreams. Be patient, but also assertive. Beyond that, the best thing you can be is resourceful. You found this article, you can find other resources to help you on your journey. Rest assured that the universe is on your side.