What is a Twin Flame and Why Can it Benefit Me?

What is a Twin Flame and Why Can it Benefit Me?

When you meet someone and you talk to them, chances are you often wonder if this is the person that might be for you or you feel some kind of real connection to them.

Is That Love?

People wonder if they have one person that will love them and even though this is a hard question to answer, there are things you have to know about the person such as if they are committed to someone else, or if they are able to open up to you emotionally. You might wonder if they are someone that you could love.


A soulmate is when you have a soul, and another soul reincarnates with you in mind. This can be part of your relationship, but it is there to teach you a lesson and to help you grow.

This is an important part of your life but as you look through life, you see that your journey is always moving. Each path that you take in life is something that your soul has chosen.

How to Know

How can you know if you have met the right person or if you are just wasting your time and energy on someone that is not meant for you?

Do you love someone and find that you are fearful of being disappointed by them? Love can be lasting and can be something that you love but you have to realize that there is someone that is meant to be with you. Is that person the one?

Tarot Spread for the One

There are seven cards that you can do to answer that question of love. This is a tarot spread and you need to shuffle the cards while you ask questions:

Card 1: Are they the one?

If they aren’t the one for you, stop wasting your time on them. They might be someone short term or they could be the one.

Card 2: Commitment

Some people want to be committed and even married. If you do, and you are ready to have your heartbroken if that happens, they might be the one.

Card 3: Conflicts

There are things that might stand in the way of you being happy and you being with the person you want to be with. This can be friends or family members.

Do you have things in your past relationships that have gotten in the way of your life changing? Everyone has to manage these things and to get rid of things in their past that are holding them back from love.

Card 4: Influences

What are the influences in your life that are holding you back? Your job? Other people? Your loving heart?

Card 5: Develop the Relationship

Once you know that you are in the right relationship and you have the moon sign. You need to know what your lover is.

The moon will represent your natal horoscope and it will help you to feel right in your life. You have to get their birth location, date of birth and time of birth of the person you like. You can look at astrology to help you figure out the moon placement and know if you will be happy.

The moon sign is important to keep your relationship happy. You might be someone that is a Cancer, and you will not want to be with someone that is not exciting.

Card 6: How to Win

What do you need in your life? What are some things that you will not negotiate about? What do you want to be happy? Do you want children? Do you want to keep your friends and your job?

Card 7: Will They Make You Happy?

This is not something just for today but for the future. Do you have the same values and ideas? Do you have things that they are doing that are non-negotiable?

Talk to Someone

If you are confused about what you want in your life and in your relationship, find a psychic to talk to and you can get advice or answers.

Call a trusted psychic and let them help you with your tarot spread. They can help you to interpret the cards and to help you know what to do. Always trust your intuition and let your heart be free to find love.