Why should we spend more time outdoors?


You do not have to go far from home to enjoy the many benefits of getting outdoors. Studies show that spending only 30 minutes each day to walk or cycle in a green or open space, can boost your physical and mental health.

Spending more time outdoors in wider and more rural landscapes can have even greater health impacts. It can improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure. These benefits have been shown to have a longer lasting effect, even when you get back to your daily routine.

Here are some reasons to spend more time outdoors:

  • Being outdoors reduces stress and ease anxiety

Researchers have found that being outdoors in nature can reduce your stress and ease anxiety. That’s why walking meetings are becoming more and more popular.

Studies found that a 30-minute walk help human body have slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduced levels of stress. And these effects don’t disappear when you get home. Researchers found that these stress-busting benefits last for days and even up to a month.

  • Enhance your creativity

Spending some time in Nature is a great way to enhance your creativity, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Staying outdoors will help your brain and restores the reserves needed for critical thinking. It will boost your brainpower.

  • Spending more time in the fresh air boosts your energy

You should skip caffeine  and spend some time in the open air. It gives your brain an energy boost comparable to one cup of coffee.

  • Boost Immune system

Breathing fresh air produced by plants increases levels of white blood cells and helps fight off infections and diseases.

  • Amazing experience

The outdoors offers opportunities to spot wildlife, explore breath-taking views, walk to the mountains, take a long-distance cycling tour, spend great time with friends and family. You are far less likely to enjoy these experiences if you stay at home staring at your TV screen.

  • Boost confidence

Doing something challenging outdoors like mountain climbing will help boost your confidence levels. You will need to plan ahead to achieve these goals and overcome your fears, but the sense of achievement will maximize your elf-confidence.

  • Live healthier and longer

Studies have shown that living near green space means that residents have more opportunities for physical activity, less exposure to pollution, increased social engagement, and better mental health, all of which can decrease your risk of death.

  • A way to get super fit

Taking your workout outdoors also provides health perks that a gym can’t give you. Exercise in a gym is good, but it’s a kind of repetitive. Outdoor exercise like trail running or playing sports provides exposure to a wide variety of different challenges that we don’t experience in the gym.

You’ll also burn more calories outside than you would do in the gym, since you’re pushing off the ground to propel yourself forward rather than simply keeping pace on the moving surface of a treadmill. And whether you spend more time in forests or hike in mountains, exposure to sunlight (which delivers the mood and health-boosting benefits of vitamin D. These outdoor activities can lead to significant health benefits